Wednesday, May 4, 2022


 Hey y'all! Whewww, I bet you thought I forgot about my blog, huh? NOPE! I didn't! Life has just gotten in the way last year and this year and now things have finally settled down!

Hubby and I have moved and I once again have a dedicated craft room. This means, I will soon be able to start blogging again to share the creations I've been working on throughout this year. I didn't have much room to craft, so my crafting was cut in half, but, I'm happy to say that my craft room is unpacked and I'm back at it full time crafting!!! It's been a fun few weeks making so many new creations!

Hope y'all have been well, I'll update soon!

Keep on Craftin'

Melisa Marie

Wednesday, April 28, 2021

Behind but not forgotten!

 Hey there friends! Whewwww, OMGosh, my blog is calling to me, she is feeling sooooo neglected! 

I know it's been a while since I've posted, and for that I'm sorry. I do actually have quite a bit of crafts to share from months past of creating, but life has just gotten in the way! 

I've been very ill, having complications with my Lupus, and right now I'm in precautionary Covid quarantine. We are waiting on my results to come back. 

Before my Lupus kicked in full gear again I spent lots of time outside, just taking in the cold crisp winter air. We had a mild winter this year, and I am missing the cold weather already. 

Before I went into Covid quarentine last week, I was out doing some exploring. I was driving down a back country road (because I was out at a park having a good time on the swings and going into the forest and taking lots of pics) and I saw this pink tree along a staggered post fence. So, I had to stop and take a pic!

Here are a couple pics I've taken over the last few weeks. Paper crafts isn't all I do, I don't have the nickname Shutterbug for no reason!!!

Here's one of the country backroads I was driving. That rain was coming in fast, and it fell hard for 2 days!

This is pink tree I saw. It is so beautiful, it's called Eastern Redbud. They bloom all over KY. They start out blooming small like this, then bloom full, but don't stay blooming long and a gust of wind can blow half a bloomed trees flowers away in seconds. As beautiful as they are, they wreak havoc on people's allergies!

Here is part of the forest I spend time in at one of my favorite parks! I go there to swing on the swings, just cause I'm 42, I still like to feel like a kid, and plus, I like the wind in my hair and feel like I'm flying free!!!

I was walking and saw this HEART on the ground! It is a stone. I did NOTHING to the greenery around it to make it look like a heart. I got a pic of this same stone last summer and the greenery made a heart around it then, too. I say I am meant to be at this park cause every summer I see this same heart, and I know Gaia and Mother Nature are telling me, this is my sacred ground that is intertwined within my soul and it's where I'm meant to spend my time!

Anyhow, the main reason I haven't updated with any crafts in a while is because my laptop is broken! *Cries* I'm waiting on it to be fixed and then I can share my awesome crafts with y'all. I have so much to share that will put a smile on your face and some inspiration in your heart! 

I, hopefully will have my laptop fixed by the end of May 2021 and will be able to update everything. 

Until then enjoy my photography, be creative, have fun crafting and make someone smile!

~Melisa Marie

Friday, April 3, 2020

Love for Hubby

This March was mine and hubby's 14 year wedding anniversary, though we've been together for 23 years now. I always make him cards, but this year I was sick and couldn't make him one specifically for our anniversary. But, when I got to feeling better, it was the first card I made for the week.

My hubby never minds if I use flowers on his cards, I had to use them because I didn't have another background hexagon, so he got 2 flowers. LOL
I really like the sentiment I put on the outside...

...but the sentiment inside means so much to me!

Well, Hope this gives you some inspiration for a masculine card (maybe minus the flowers? LOL). I used SU! Six Sided Sampler and CTMH Honeycomb Flair. I used the SU! Hexagon punch to get the pieces and the SU! decorative label for the sentiment punch out on the front.

Well, that's all for now, I am officially caught up on my blog posts! I hope you have enjoyed what I've shared and I hope I've given you some inspiration in one way or another.
Blessed Be
~Melisa Marie

Classic Birthday

In addition to my mom and my brother having a birthday in April, my daddy's birthday is in April as well. Usually I make him a fish, a lighthouse or something like that, but I got this stamped image from a friend and figured I'd make him a classic car card this year.

Kick Ass Birthday!

This is a cute little ass! Just for my brother, haha. He is currently stationed in S. Korea (he's in the AF) and my SIL and 2 nephews are there with him. I miss them all so much. We don't talk as much as I'd like to, but I make sure to send them their b-day cards every year, no matter where they are!
This time, my brother gets a kick ass cool card from his bad ass sissy. haha

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