My Family

I thought I'd share a few pics of "My Family". Hubby and I don't have biological children; however, we do have 6 furbabies!! lol I know, a lot of people hear "6 animals" and think goodness, that is WAY too many! But, it's truly not. Our furbabies are very well cared for, and in fact are the most spoiled animals we have ever met!!

So, here I'll show a few pics of Hubby and I as well as some pics of our furbabies. :)

Here is a pic of my Hubby! Isn't he handsome! :D This pic was taken in Sept. 2011

Here is one of my favorite pics of hubby and I. it is an older photo, being about 7 years or so old. But, it's a great pic!

Here is a more recent Pic of Hubby and I... it's 8 years old.

Here are 2 pics of us together at Cumberland Falls in Kentucky. These were taken in May 2011. :)

Now, for some pics of our furbabies! :) These are some pics from our collection over the past many years. Some of the pics that I like most! ;)

This is our funny cat Adam. He is a big boy! he weighs almost 10 lbs. and he is considered the lion king of the house and a TRUE Kentucky Wildcat!!!! He pretty much rules everything and everyone around this place! LOL

See, even Dusty thinks he's crazy!

This is tabby, she is Adam's litter mate sister, but she is MUCH smaller than he is! Tabby was born to a stray in our neighborhood. She almost died. She was being eaten alive by red ants when we found her. She weighed 1.7 ounces and I nursed her back to health. She is now a cute little kleptomaniac kitty. LOL.
But, just because she is small doesn't mean she doesn't rule ME. I can't do anything on my desk without her taking it over! And if i ever wanna use stickles, well just forget that, I have to literally lock her out of the room. I have to write to ranger and ask them, WHAT do they put in stickles because I can take a lid off and she will come running from the other side of the house just to get to it! LOL
Seeeeeee, Here is her getting into the stickles!!!! (I assure she is NOT after that gum that's under the scrap paper with stickles. I have many other pics of her getting into stickles LOL)

This is stormy, she is our newest baby. Hubby rescued her from a trash can in the middle of winter last year! How cruel and heartless can people be?!?!?! Stormy is just a tiny thing! she only weighs 1 lb. 3 oz. and she is full grown. (as of this month, November 2012 she is 2 years old). she is a little fuzzball though, and she is such a talker and lover. she loves to cuddle. every night she sleeps right on my pillow next to my head. sometimes she'll sleep next to me, but usually on my pillow. Of course, this is not good for my allergies, but I don't care, she makes me feel safe and comfortable. She is so attached to me she even sits in the tub floor with me sometimes when I'm showering, haha. (if she isn't on the tub floor, she is on the side of the tub. I have a huge garden tub and it's got a big side to it where she sits and keeps me company). (pardon the clothes in the background we were folding and hanging up clothes and folding sheets--she decided we weren't allowed to fold that sheet set, LOL).

and here she is again... we LOVE the hair that comes out of her ears, it makes her look like a little lynx kitty!

We initially thought stormy was a boy and hubby named “him” SCRAPPY because hubby had to fight to catch “him” when he found “him” (SHE was a stray and it was the middle of winter). When we found out she was a girl, we changed her name to stormy because of her grey and white color and because she was found on a stormy snowy day.

Here is stormy Sept. 2012. I opened my dresser drawer to get a pair of jamjam pants and there she was! LOL she gave me the death stare like "how dare you invade my secret hiding space". lol

Now for our doggies!
Dusty is our oldest boy. He is 15 years old (as of May 2012). I originally got him for hubby when he had his first back surgery, so he would have someone to cuddle with (we didn't think dusty would grow out of his "puppy" size so fast!). Well, dusty ended up being a little more active than we had hoped for. LOL but, he's been through so much with us and he is such a good boy. Even though he is older, he is still a puppy at heart, and, as big as he is, he still thinks he's a lap dog puppy! LOL
And here he is cuddling with his sister, Tabby when she was smaller.
Here is Dusty (Oct. 2012). This is a face he makes often, his smiling face and his satellite dish ear. When he passes, THIS will be the tattoo hubby and I get in remembrance of him, his head just as it is in this pic! and that tail of his may look "fluffy" but let me tell ya, that thing is wicked strong when he gets to wagging it. LOL He is half german shepard. with his old age, his face is turning grey and it's so cute! he even has grey eyebrows LOL

This is Buddy. We should have named him Jerry Garcia. He is half blue healer and half jack russell and he is such a lazy little thing! Our dogs are all inside dogs, but buddy would be completely happy if he lived outside. We normally have to literally go outside and pick him and carry him inside. He is such a hippy dog, so laid back and mellow. However, he does NOT like to have his pic taken, which is why there are very few of him in our stash. He usually runs when he hears the camera turn on, not quite sure. :-/

We found buddy as a stray when we went to Mill Springs Mill to check out the spot overlooking the lake to decide where in the park we wanted to have our wedding. When we got there and got out of the car, buddy came running up to us, he followed us everywhere! When we were done looking around the park we went door to door for about 2 hours asking and looking for his owners, but we couldn’t find them so we brought him home :) He was very emaciated and he had a huge hole in the top of his head where he had been bitten by another animal. After taking him to the vet for a check up, I nursed his head to good health. He was so skinny, but after getting him fixed, he fattened up like a thanksgiving turkey. LOL
This is him and bella when she was a puppy!

Speaking of Bella, here she is when she was a baby... She is half yorkie and half terrior. or should I say TERROR! LOL she is truly rotten, but we love her!

Here are a few pics of her and "her buddy" when she was little...

And this is ONE FUNNY PIC!! one day I came out to the living room when she was a puppy and she had all her toys in a pile... SHE put her toys like this! they were previously spread alllll over the living room. she was laying on top of them. I went to snap a pic of her and when I took the pic she stuck her tongue up her nose! It still makes me laugh to this day seeing this pic of her! LOL

Here is a recent pic of her, September 2011 after she had her spa day at the groomer! She doesn't even look the same, does she? :)

Here is Bella in Sept. 2012. She had just gotten home from her "spa day" (groomer) and she had long car ride home. She was so sleepy! As you can see, she took my space when I got up to get a drink. LOL Her t-shirt says "Bad Attitude" (and it's true!)

Well, those are our furbabies!! Hope you've enjoyed looking at my pics, I'm sure I'll be sharing more from time to time. :)

~Melisa Marie
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