Wednesday, May 30, 2018

Psychiatric issues, We're moving AGAIN, I still Can't Craft...And blog issue-can you help?

Hello fellow crafters! I hope that life is treating you well.

Life has not been treating Hubby or Myself very well. I recently had a stay in the psychiatric hospital for 12 days. During that time, our landlord decided to dump a big pile of crap on us and sent both hubby and I facebook message saying that she wants us to move out by July 7th. She said it was due to recent events that came to light; however, she would not tell us the reasons and she stated that the conversation was not up for debate or any discussion. What a coward to talk to hubby face to face that day and didn't have the guts to tell him to his face, I am so angry about this, especially because she did this while I was in the psych hospital and it really set back my progress because I was under so much stress and anxiety from the notice.

In other news, my craft room is still in the same state it was in, that I showed you in my last post. Where ever I move to, the kitchen will be the 1st thing unpacked an my craft room will be the 2nd thing unpacked. I have missed crafting so much! I am sorry that I've slacked off, but you all should know some other things

In February, both Hubby and I broke our ankles and we both had to have surgery. He broke his ankle and one week later, to the day, I broke my ankle. He slipped on the ice outside and broke his, and I passed out in the house and woke up with my ankle under me and was totally out of it when I came to and tried to walk but couldn't.

We both did the 6 weeks in a cast thing, but it didn't help either of us for healing. So Hubby had surgery first, they put in 1 metal plate and 6 screws, for my surgery I got 1 metal plate on the outside of my left ankle with 8 screws, and another metal plate on the inside of my left ankle with 3 screws. it isn't pleasant right now, my dr. has me on bed rest right now because he doesn't want me walking at all, but I do have a fracture boot to wear for the times I HAVE to get up and go, and I have crutches, too.

I'm sorry that I don't have any crafts to share with you, I really wish I could just pull a bunch of craft stuff out and get all inky, but I just have no space pull a lot of stuff out of boxes just to craft. I have a small space I could use, but not much will fit there... I WISH someone would just send me card kits so I could make some cards, I so miss crafting!

***Also, you all know that I am the "Bipolar Crafter", but my psych dr. changed my diagnosis a few months ago from Rapid Cycling Bipolar II, to Schizoaffective Disorder-Bipolar Type. Do you think I should change the name of my blog or just keep it as "Bipolar Crafter"? I have been thinking about it, but I can't come up with any clever name, and I don't think that "Schizoaffective Crafter" sounds good...maybe "So Schizo Crafter" is all I could come up with. So should I change my name for my blog or keep it? I'm open to ANY suggestions.

I will check in with y'all more often, I'm sorry I've slacked on at least posting for you to know what's going on.

Thanks for stopping by to read my post today.
Keep on Craftin'
~Melisa Marie

Saturday, January 27, 2018

Moved but craft room still not done

Hi Everyone! I just wanted to do a quick update regarding my craft room.
All of the boxes and bins are piled really high, and they are all VERY heavy. Hubby and I plan on working together this week to try to at least get it more organized. I.E. move my solid oak desk from the kitchen (where the movers put it) into the room in front of the window that looks out to our front yard and trees. We are also going to organize the boxes and bins on another wall so that I can put my bookshelves and all of the plastic drawers where they need to go and then I can start working on unpacking all the boxes and bins.

Here are some pics of my craft room RIGHT NOW, so you'll see why it's so difficult to get in there and just start unpacking. These are pics from left to right, so you'll see the whole room. it looks really small, but it's rather big with a small walk in closet, which will be great for storage!

Doesn't this side look nice and tidy...

...annnnnd then we come to this. a MESS. boxes and bins just stacked higher than I can even reach (I'm only 5 foot tall-exactly!)

and back in the right corner is that small walk in closet I was talking about. it's going to be perfect for storage of bins once we get them unpacked.

Keep on Craftin'
~Melisa Marie

Wednesday, December 6, 2017

Absent due to moving...

Hey y'all, How are you doing? Arw you getting all your holiday cards and crafts done?
I just wanted to let you know that I have been absent from posting because hubby and I recently moved from our small one bedroom apartment in the city to a nice cozy 2 bedroom mobile home out in the country, surrounded by forest! With both hubby and I being disabled, it will be a while until my craft room is set up for me to get any crafting done because all of the boxes are heavy and piled high in my craft room. I am all caught up on posts from cards that I have made this year so far, so I don't even have any new crafty things to share with you. Thankfully I was able to find 1 box that had 6 of my decorative shoeboxes filled with cards I've made over this year, so at least I have some birthday and christmas cards that I can send out.

I do have a LOT of pictures I've taken over the last 2 months, as I'm really a great photographer. My nickname is "shutterbug". I suppose I could post some pics soon-ish of some of the places I've taken pics of. We have a HUGE piece of property that we are on now, so there is lots of exploring to do.

We've had a LOT of snow already, too, so some of the pics are really beautiful.

Well, I just wanted to give you a quick update. I hope y'all are doing well, staying warm and crafting to your hearts desire!

Keep on Craftin'
~Melisa Marie

I also found our 7 shoe boxes of postcards...we collect them! We have over 4,000 now and we would LOVE to get some more. If you would like to do a postcard swap, please e-mail me at, please put subject line as "postcard swap".

Tuesday, September 19, 2017

Holy $@&%balls A missed card!

Holy $@&%balls, how in the world did I miss posting this to my blog? I made this 2 years ago for mine and hubby's 8 year anniversary. This was the first card I made with the "Holy $@&%balls You're Awesome" stamp (the word is spelled out, but I'm being prim and proper). 

Click the link below to see this card, you won't want to miss it, it's just GREAT!!!

Holy $@&%balls You're AWESOME

When I lived in Vegas my friend Jenn and I made a trip to the Viva Las Vegas Stamp store. I had heard of them for a while but never wanted to go alone. Jenn and I spent a saturday together and went to check them out. I got this "Holy $@&%balls, You're Awesome" stamp. The word is actually spelled out on the stamp, which is why it makes so perfect. I also love a little humor with my cards, as I don't have many humorous stamps. I use this one sparingly, and only on cards for people I know who won't be offended.

I made this card just to have in my stash, I was playing with the stamp after I made hubby's anniversary card. I like how this came out. It's "pretty" but "raunchy" and that's how I like my women (yes, I'm Bi--get over it, you liked me before I just told you). HAHA.

I'm putting this card behind a jump break because of the language. Please click to see card.

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