Friday, March 15, 2019

It's a 1st Birthday-A Zoo! I'm not LION!

It's our Grand Son's 1st Birthday and couldn't be happier with how this card came out!
I mixed Zoo animals and an Owl. There is an Owl in the set I used with Zoo animals, so I didn't stray too far off the path.

Click below to see the card, it's a RIOT!

Grand Baby Turns 2!--EDITED POST for changed details

***NOTE: This post has been edited to add pictures of the last minute changes that I made to the inside of Cambria's Birthday card. I will leave the original inside photo here, but under that I'll put the photos of what the finished inside looks like that I decided to glam up and change at the last minute (the day before we went to see her for her Birthday!)

Howdy my crafty friends! Today I'm here to share a card that I made over the evening last night into this morning. I was up late, didn't sleep at all!!! I'm exhausted, but I got a LOT done! 6 cards total. I only have to share to share at the moment as I have to fix a few things on the other 4 that I made.

Anyhow, for this card, it's a cute little card for our Grand Daughter Cambria. I had SO much fun making this card! It's just ADORBS!!!!
Click below to see the card...

Altered-Creating Magnets

Quite a few years ago I created some Magnets for my beloved Grandma (now departed but always in my heart). A few months ago our Daughter saw them in one of my memory posts on Facebook and really liked them. She asked that I make her a set sometime. I was working on a birthday card for her Son (our Grand baby who's turning 1!) and I figured while I had my SU! Decorative Label punch out, I would take the time to make her magnets while trying to figure out the details of the card for our Grand Son... I made her magnets similar but very different than I did for my Grandma. I didn't want them to look too close as I always try to keep everything OOAK (one of a kind).
Anyhow, click below to see the cute set of magnets!

Thursday, March 7, 2019

Friendship and Tranquility

Hey there, folks! How y'all doin'?
I'm here tonight with another crafty make for ya. Hubby and I have a friend on facebook and he's started an AWAKENING MOVEMENT there on his personal page. He has lots of followers and he is really spiritual (non religious) and is walking a new path of being sober, enlightened and WOKE! This is so great for him and he's such an inspiration to SO many people, myself and hubby included even though I don't and have never had an addiction problem (hubby did in his very early younger years, but never since then).

Anyhow, I really wanted to make a lovely card for our friend Chiz because he's recently been going through a rough time after he was involved in a hit and run accident. He was injured very badly and had to take a few months off work, but through all of this he has stayed SO strong and he has continued to inspire and motivate others and give us all the love and light that we all need in our life no matter what our situation is!

This is a really cool card and it came out a LOT better than I had pictured it in my head. As you know, I RARELY replicate cards, but I ended up replicating this one after I finished his just to have a copy for my own memory book because I liked it so much.
Click below to see the card...

Friday, March 1, 2019

Flower and Butterfly Explosion! Card in a Box!

Here's another explosion card in a box that I made. These things are SO addicting to make. I've seen some that are SO elaborate that I can't even imagine how the creators got everything jam packed inside. But me, I like things a little less crowded and just 1 or 2 focal elements.
So, Here's another EXPLOSION Card in a Box! 
Click below to see...
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