Sunday, February 13, 2011

It's a hard knock life!

Hi everyone!

well I have had every intention of getting my blog up and runnign but that has been a little difficult. my plan was to do it over last week since I didn't have any homework to do at that time. However on wednesday february 9th i had a doctors appointment in lexington. On my way home from that appointment I was in a pretty bad car accident.

I was taken to the hospital from the scene with minor injuries; however as the days have gone by since coming home i've noticed a lot more pain and pain in places that didn't hurt when I wsa first taken there.

There are a lot of complications with this situation and I'm having to hire a lawyer. The girl that hit me didn't have insurance so that is making all of this situation very difficult and hubby and i fear that it will be an extremely long drawn out process.

thankfully we have a lot of family and friends for support.

To make matters even worse, the same day i got in my accident, hubbys uncle was in an accident too, just a little bit before me. i am the lucky one, his uncle did not survive his accident. So here is to the memory of Robert "bob" E. (Earnie) McConnell.

anyhow from the accident i'm on medication and still in a lot of pain so I can't really sit for too long in my chair. I'm hoping I will start feelign better soon so i can get this blog started on and updated. i have so many crafts that I want to share with you all and some i did last week befoer my accident.

does anyone know a good website to get some really cute FREE blogger background sets from?

take care everyone and i'll try to do an update soon!

~Melisa Marie


  1. Melissa, I'm so sorry to hear about your accident and hubby's uncle too. I will pray for you guys! I hope to see your crafts soon! God bless you!

  2. HI Janice, thank you for the well wishes and thoughts and prayers.
    We need all that can be given right now.

    We are trying to keep our spirits high but bad news just keeps on pouring in! we're working on trying to be positive and it is helpful that we have a lot of support from our friends.

    Thanks bunches!

  3. Hi Melisa, hope you are getting better after your accident. Thanks for adding my Blog to your Google Reader - I really appreciate it.


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