Friday, June 24, 2011

It's My Birthday, and I've cried a few times! Oh and a card!

You know that song "it's my party and I'll cry if I want to" well, just think of my subject title being sang to that tune.

Today, Friday, June 24th, I was born 33 years ago!

My birthday this year has been just as uneventful as it has been the last few years. My hubby is, once again, on my birthday laid up in bed from surgery, I as usual, have no real life friends or family in town to spend my day or night with, three people have said they would "be right back" on yahoo messenger and never came back, I talked to one of my good friends, Laurie, a fellow crafter, for a few minutes on yahoo, and then some people that I talk to often on yahoo didn't even bother to message me at all, KNOWING it was my birthday! The only people I've actually TALKED to on the phone is my daddy and my ma! I knew they wouldn't forget me (at least I hoped, I mean, they are getting old, so ya never know, LOL!!). but, I guess my sister and both of my brothers forgot :-/ I make them cards for their bdays, I call them, and they don't even email me or call me. makes me upset!!

Ok, ok, I did get LOTS, that is, A LOT of birthday wishes from people on my facebook. Some I know in person, some I've only talked to on the computer, and some are good friends that I haven't yet met in real life. Don't get me wrong, it does feel nice to have so many wishes sent to me there, but once, just once, I'd like to actually DO something special for my birthday. I did get dinner from wendy's, but their frosty machine was broken, so I couldn't get a frosty or one of their new shakes or nothing. :( It has been YEARS since I've been taken out or actually "done" anything on my birthday. I'd say about 8 years now. yep, that sucks!

Well, anyways, what I did do today is make more cards and watch a movie :) Granted I only made 2, but that kept me busy for an hour. The movie I watched was the new yogi bear. It was NOT as good as I thought it would be. I am very glad I didn't pay to see it at the theater on half price day, I still would have been mad. LOL

I will watch little fockers tomorrow sometime, and we still have paranormal activity 2. We've had it sitting out there on the shelf since May 4th, hopefully hubby will feel good enough to watch it soon!! Ahhh, the joys of netflix, no late fees! haha.

Well anyways, about the cards I made today. I've actually made cards everyday for the last 3 days. here are the 2 cards I made today.

I got the idea from the Scrapbooks Etc. post from their facebook page. it had a sketch and a sample. I don't work with sketches too often, but I really liked this one, so I tried it. You can read the "Not-Just-A-Card Sketch article HERE.

This is the sketch:

And here are the 2 cards I made from it. I liked it so much, I just made 2 identical cards. I actually had "similar" deco cardstock that I was able to use.

The sentiment is from a Studio G mini acrylic stamp set. the Deco cardstock are all from the "Amy Butler" K&Company Designer 4x6 Mat Pad. the middle paper was NOT diagonal on the 4x6, I cut it to be diagonal. that was a challenge. I messed up the first time, so ended up having to use a 2nd sheet. All of the deco cardstock was double sided. So, the stripped one in the middle is one side, and the red flowered ones on each side were on the opposite side of the stripped paper.

The green paper is cut from some DCVW deco paper. I used a nestibilities template (I don't own any nesties, a friend in a scrapbooking group I'm in was nice enough to cut me one of each size of several nesties onto thick chipboard.) I just traced it on the back side of the deco paper and then cut it out. The red cardstock is from Best occasions.

The big green flower is a recollections flower. It is green with small red splotches on it. The blue flower is a prima. The brads are red brads, don't know the company though. I used my deco small scalloped scissors to cut the red cardstock and then I used my colorbox catseye to ink the edges of the bottom layer of red cardstock so that it would stand out against the top layer.

Well, I have several other cards I've made over the last few days, but I don't really feel like posting them right now, or writing any more. My crying has come and gone most of the day, and it's starting to come on again, so I think I am just gonna go take a hot shower.

I hope you like the cards I did. click the link above to go to Scrapbooks Etc. and read the article and see the sketch and card made.

Take care everyone!


  1. Wish I'd have known it was your birthday sooner I would have made you card I don't do anything for birthday either I can't now coz my ears and the pain but was never given the option when I was younger never had an 18th or 21st still it's your day so big hugs to you and if you want to call me jax go ahesd no probs thanks for comments on loosing follower you just wander what you have done that's all as I would hate to offend anyone I know I can be cheeky at times but it's all done and said in a nice way so hope you enjoy the rest of your day can you & hubby do something together when he's more mobile maube a belated birthday treat may be something to look forward to perhaps take card hugs and a big birthday kiss mmmmwwwwwaaaahhhhhh

  2. Hey Jax, hubby is having another surgery in July, so it will be a while before he is healed and mobile again. I got him out and to the store with me today. He was not doing too well when we got home though. He overheated really bad and was vomiting a lot. the medication he is on does that.

    I appreciate the thought that you would have sent me a bday card. I finally did get to talk to my family, but it was the next day. my little bro called me at 2am, and I talked to my mother and sister at about 330 am. I did get 2 bday cards from a couple ladies in my group a few days after my bday, which was nice. :)

    Keep your head up, and I'll send a few ppl over to be a follower of your blog. I'll tell them to leave a comment that I sent them. I'm sure they would like to see your creations! You do some beautiful work. :)
    Hugs and shnuggles.
    ~Melisa Marie

  3. Bless you melisa I might have a thanks a bunch stamp I will have a look if I have you can gladly have it as I don'y thing I have ever used it I will have a look later and let you know take care hope hubby feels better sdoon too
    Jax xx

  4. Yep got one if you email me your postal address I will send it you it's only about an inch wide but and 1/2 inch high but you don't want them to big really and it's never been used so as I said email me and I will send on to you

  5. I have something for you on my blog


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