Wednesday, April 18, 2012

Birthday card for Daddy (by way of a contest)

So the beginning of the month was my daddy's birthday. If you're a normal reader of my blog, you know that my daddy loves to fish (as do I). My daddy and i are really close, and we have a pretty open relationship. he's a man, and let's face it, men can be vulgar. LOL I had this stamped image and the sentiment for the outside, but I couldn't figure out what to put on the inside to complete the sentiment. So, I figured that I have some pretty awesome friends on facebook, so I had a contest on my facebook page! the sentiment on the outside of the card was "A "reel" expert can tackle anything..." and then on the inside the sentiment started out as "At your age," and I asked everyone to come up with an original statement, NOT taken from the internet that completes that. I think I picked a good winner. :)

Here is a sneak peek at the card, clicky click below to see the whole card and teh inside...

the image on this card is from Stamping Bella and is called "Fishing Peep". I printed the sentiment from my word program because i didn't like the font of the original stamp.

So what do you think?
For the line on the fishing pole, I used glossy accents and adhered gray embroidery floss. for the spiral part of the reel, I did the same thing, used glossy accents and then threaded the floss through a needle and pulled it up from the back of the card, and then wound it in a spiral on top fo the glossy accents. It came out really cute like that! I'm a big lover of having actual items on the cards that are touchy-feely. LOL I colored the image with prisma colored pencils and blended with gamsol. I used the same gray embroidery floss to accent the corners. for the sentiment I used the Stampin' Up! ticket corner punch on the white cardstock and then the rest of the card I used my corner punch. all of the plain cardstock is bazzill and the deco fish lure cardstock is the paper studio company.

Here is another pic you can see the detail more. I wanted to use a real stick for the pole, but I couldn't find one shaped that way. I looked and looked in my forest out back but just wasn't able to find one.

Here is teh inside of the card. the winning commenter Karen, came up with this sentiment for the inside :) She is receiving 2 handmade by me cards for being the contest winner!

The two runner ups (2nd place and 3rd place commented with the following 2 comments:
Liz: At your age, you'll be lucky to get a nibble on your worm.
Randi: At your age, size doesn't really matter, but you're still young enough to dream.

Haha, it was a GREAT contest and really fun, there were over 40 entries and it was really difficult picking a winner. I wasn't going to do runner ups, but those 2 were so good I had to! haha
For all the comments, I printed out the pic and the comments from my facebook page and sent them to my daddy with his card. he got a real kick out of them. :)

Well, thanks for checking out my card! :)

Keep on Craftin' and please, be kind to one another!
~Melisa Marie

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