Friday, June 8, 2012

Father's Day Cards

With Father's Day just around the corner, I had to get really busy earlier this week and get the 4 cards done that I needed to make. I went in for surgery on wednesday the 6th to have my gallbladder out, and knew I wouldn't feel up to doing much this weekend or the coming week. and boyyyyy was I right! I feel like crap! my stomach and right side is really swollen and very bruised up. I feel like someone beat me in the tummy and side with a baseball bat.

Anyhow, I was able to get the cards done that I needed to make. I will try to update this the best I can, I'm on a lot of meds right now and I will do my best and keep it short and to the point... the cards are for my daddy and our friend Mike (he is like mine and hubby's surrogate dad) I just "up-cycled" 2 cards that I had previously made. I took the inside part out and added a new inside. the one card I did that for, for my daddy was already a card for him, that I had forgot to send him a while back. So, it was still his card, haha. the card for Mike was just a spare birthday card that I made, so I took the inside out and replaced it with a new inside for father's day that I made.

I only had to make 2 "fresh" cards that weren't previously completed. One for my granddad and one for Mike from his daughter (for her to give to him).
Here is a sneak peek of one of the cards...

Click the link below to see the rest of the cards

 The card for my granddad and Mike I made the same... I initially made it for my granddad and the more I looked at it the more I liked it so I made another one just like it for Mike from his daughter (so she can fill it out and give it to him). here is that card (just 2 pics of the card, but I made 2 of them).

I used plain white cardstock for the card base. For the stars I used the star stamp from my Inkadinkado Rockstar set. I stamped the stars in Stampin' Up! really rust ink, and the corners are also stamped in really rust from the my minds eye laundry line sundress sweetness frame stamp. I just inked only the corners of the frame stamp and placed them where I wanted them.

the lion stamp is from the Tim Holtz visual artistry regal flourish set. the crown on the lion is from the Tim Holtz visual artistry urban grunge love set. For the sentiment on the front of the card I used the "celebrate" word from my autumn leaves stampology "celebrate" border set, minus the dots on either side of the stamp (just inked up the word only). the "you" is from my studio g mini "thinking of you" stamp (minus the "thinking of", of course). I think they went well together! Gotta love having 'clear' stamps that can be easily placed and seen for easier arranging.

 for the inside, I used the really rust ink and the corners of my frame stamp again. for the Large crown in the bottom corner I used the Tim Holtz visual artistry regal flourish set. the sentiments are from 2 different stamp sets... the "you are amazing" is from the "Just Wanted To Say" set that can be purchased through an Ippity Chick from Unity Stamp Co Here (click to see full stamp set).
the happy father's day sentiment is from the Stampin' Up! teeny tiny wishes set.
I was VERY pleased with how this card came out. It is A2 size, so sorta small, but very quick and easy to make. only took me 10 minutes! :) this is the one I made 2 of, one for my granddad and one for Mike (that his daughter and give to him).

Here is the card I previously made for my daddy that got misplaced and didn't get sent to him. I will show teh front and then the original inside it had, and the new inside I gave it.
The front:

 The original inside it had:
 I took the above inside out, just the "top" portion with the stamped sentiment and image on it and replaced it with this: (disregard the message, LOL I forgot to take a pic of it "before" I wrote on it. haha): crappy lighting, but you get the idea. I used the "gather life's little treasures stamp from the Inkadinkado By the seaside set, but I only inked up the water waves in blue and stamped them by the shells and then re-inked just the sentiment leaving out the image of the boy, and stamped teh sentiment. I like how it came out.
If you want all the details of what supplies were used to make this card, you can check out my original blog post from back in March, when I originally made this card, it has all the info on what was used. You can see that info here: Card for Daddy. yes, I made the card in March! LOL like I said, it got misplaced and ended up not getting mailed. that is ok though, cause it made it easier and less work for me while trying to get these done quick and get ready for surgery!

Here is the card that is for Mike from hubby and I. It's a card I made earlier this month as a B-day card, I just took the inside out and replaced it with a new inside like the card above. here is that card with the original inside and then the inside I replaced it with:
this is the front. If you want to know about the supplies I used when I originally made this card last month, you can see that info here in my original blog post here: 3 Birthday Cards Post

  this was the original inside it had for a birthday...
I removed the above top portion of the card and replaced it with this for father's day:

Well those are the cards for Father's day 2012. I hope you enjoyed looking. thanks for stopping by!! :)

Keep on Craftin' and please, be kind to one another!
~Melisa Marie

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