Saturday, April 19, 2014

A note...

I was going to add this note to my last blog post at the bottom, but I figured I would just make it into it's post...

Many of you in the blogging world understand WHY so many of us crafters "watermark" our images. I was talking with a friend and she didn't quite understand the point of going through all the extra steps and "trouble" (as she stated) of doing this. Simply put, I don't want anyone to take my work and post it on their website, blog, facebook page etc... and claim it as their own.

I've actually had this done to me in the past, and it was an extremely difficult process to get MY work recognized as MY work and removed from their website. it took several months of fighting to do so, but thankfully I had proof that I had posted my photos online before she had even created her blog post.

So, long story short, and a warning to those that don't....WATERMARK YOUR IMAGES!!! It will save you the grief of fighting later to prove your work is actually your work.

And as my friend stated "using a watermark really takes away from the beauty of your finished product". Well, yes, that is true. It does make the photo look less appealing, but I'd rather have a watermark splashed across my picture than have to worry about fighting to get my work recognized as my own and not as someone else' work.

/end rant ;)

Keep on Craftin'
~Melisa Marie

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