Tuesday, September 19, 2017

Holy $@&%balls A missed card!

Holy $@&%balls, how in the world did I miss posting this to my blog? I made this 2 years ago for mine and hubby's 8 year anniversary. This was the first card I made with the "Holy $@&%balls You're Awesome" stamp (the word is spelled out, but I'm being prim and proper). 

Click the link below to see this card, you won't want to miss it, it's just GREAT!!!

Holy $@&%balls You're AWESOME

When I lived in Vegas my friend Jenn and I made a trip to the Viva Las Vegas Stamp store. I had heard of them for a while but never wanted to go alone. Jenn and I spent a saturday together and went to check them out. I got this "Holy $@&%balls, You're Awesome" stamp. The word is actually spelled out on the stamp, which is why it makes so perfect. I also love a little humor with my cards, as I don't have many humorous stamps. I use this one sparingly, and only on cards for people I know who won't be offended.

I made this card just to have in my stash, I was playing with the stamp after I made hubby's anniversary card. I like how this came out. It's "pretty" but "raunchy" and that's how I like my women (yes, I'm Bi--get over it, you liked me before I just told you). HAHA.

I'm putting this card behind a jump break because of the language. Please click to see card.

This Mouse is SEW SWEET

This is a stamp set I completely forgot I had. It was buried in a case with another stamp set. I quickly took it out, made a case name for it slid the paper in, and then put this little cutie inside with all his other stamps.

I KNOW this card is missing something, and it was! I didn't realize it until I took pics. So on the front of the card top right corner, there are now 3 gems. I just snapped this pic before I put them on and honestly was too lazy to snap another pic. LOL it looks MUCH better with the gems.

I colored this adorable mouse with prismacolored pencils and blended with gamsol. I colored the bow on the thimble pink, the thimble grey and then used my silver gel pen to do some dots on the thimble and colored it's bottom rim.
I used some white lace and I put some blue thread in and out of every other hole. I love doing this technique, I do it a lot, ESPECIALLY on my Halloween cards (go down the right side and click Halloween, you'll see some of my amazing cards!)

With the card moved this way or that way, every which way, you can see the thimble shine!
I stamped the large button tag and fussy cut it out and then stamped the "Sew Sweet" inside. I attached this with 3d foam dots to make it pop up off the card. The dimension looks good.

I didn't do anything special to the inside of the card, I just added a white square that I had inked the edges in brown (as i did with all the cardstock on the front of the card). There is plenty of room to write.

Sew Sweet

After finding my mini sewing stamp set, I got right to work. I made 2 cards from it, this card and the card in the last post.

I think I like this layout a little better than the last one. It's a smaller card, so there isn't so much room to have to try and shove a bunch of embellishments on. Though, I really wish I could have put a button on this one, but I couldn't find my jar of buttons.

Anyhow, here is the card.

I think the front is kind of plain, which is why I wanted to use a button. I tried a run with gems but it just didn't look good with them. So, I just left it how it is. I'm sure we've all had those card making moments when we say "this needs something more".

I used 2 strands of white string across the card corner.

As like the last card with this stamp set...I didn't want to color it, so I just colored the heart pink and used pink stickles around it. Again, I used my silver gel pen to color the needles and the thimble. I did some masking and stamped the thread in a light green to match the green paper on the card.
I like all the gems I used on the needles and in the middle of the needle bed.

For the inside of this card I used the large tag stamp and the small "Sew Sweet" sentiment on the inside of it. I stamped the Sew Sweet in green to bring in some color from the front of the card.

I like how this card came out, and I hope you do too. I have little mouse card coming up next, so be sure to check back soon.

Keep on Craftin'
~Melisa Marie

A SEW Lovely Card

It is amazing the stamp sets I find that I forgot I had. I must admit I have a LOT of stamp sets. Most of my friends do scrapbooking, but after not having much to scrapbook anymore, I got more into making cards. It is so fun!

Here is a card that I made, it's just Sew Lovely!

I found this mini stamp set (from Hot Off The Press) mixed in with some of my larger sets (should have been in a different basket with small stamps).

I stamped it, and really didn't want to color it. I knew it was going to be a tedious and time taking order. I started out by just coloring the heart pink and using some pink stickles around the edge of the heart.

I used my silver gel pen and did silver on the thimble and all the needles. I used gems on each of the needle heads and one in the middle.  I added some white thread to the top cardstock just so it didn't look so plain.

On the inside of the card I stamped the large tag stamp and then inside that I stamped the medium tag stamp. I think it looks so cute. I did this is 2 other cards I made as well.

I hope you like this card, I have 2 more sewing cards to show, so check back shortly.

Keep on Craftin'
~Melisa Marie
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