Thursday, January 27, 2011

1st Blog Post!! All aboard the adventure train!!

Hi there!! Hope you’re wearing something comfy, cause it's COLD outside!! I'm Melisa Marie, a Bipolar Crafter!

First, I’d like to say THANK YOU for visiting my blog! ((hugs)) I will sometimes write about my bipolar disorder. Sometimes, it can be harsh. I will honestly do my best to keep my bipolar posts separate from my craft posts. I will even try to “hide” my bipolar posts as best as I can, behind a clickable link for you to be able to “view more” if you would like to read the whole post.

On my blog I will share the crafts I create and the stories of my life related to my struggle with bipolar disorder. It is a mental illness that has debilitated me, so I am not currently employed. Because of this, I have a LOT of time to do crafts! Because I’m bipolar, I am manic, and that means I have “up” days (or weeks) and then I sometimes have “down” days (or weeks). When I am “up” that is when I do most of my crafting. Usually when I’m in an “up” mood, I’m in a good mood just like a normal person would be from day to day. But, when I’m up, I am also VERY energized, you know, like that little pink energizer bunny? LOL I can’t really explain it, but it’s sort of like when a kid eats way too much candy, or drinks way too much soda! I am just really hyper. My hands shake, my body is quivering and my mind races faster than a horse runnin’ in the Kentucky derby!! So, I take advantage of my up days, mainly because lately I haven’t had so many of them, and I don't always know when they'll sneak up on me again, and I do crafts!

A little more about me! I like to play board and card games! I love gin, canasta, sequence, skip-bo, phase 10, uno, spoons (a game I learned from some HICKS when I first moved here to Kentucky~it's fun and yes, they know I call them HICKS, cause well, they are the true meaning of it! haha). I LOVE rummikub, it is my all time favorite board game, I also like the game mouse trap, haha! don't you remember playing that as a kid?
Most of my time is spent either on facebook, (I'm a club member, my screen name is friskerbizkit add me and we can play!) or watching tv, of course, then is when I'm NOT crafting!! My dvr is currently working in overdrive LOL. I like all of the law & order's, ncis, survivor, king of the hill, and the Ellen DeGeneres show (sometimes when I watch it, and she is dancing with her audience, I get up and dance too!) 
I really don't know what I'd do without my computer! It is basically how I stay in touch with all of my friends and family, especially my family because we are over 3,000 miles apart! I spend about 12 hours a day on my computer, sometimes more, just depending on how I'm feeling. In manic phases I don't sleep well, usually only 2 or 3 hours, so I spend a lot of time on my computer or watching tv. But, when I'm not doing that stuff, I am doing crafts!!!!

I like to do ALL kinds of crafts, painting, drawing, cross-stitching and sewing. But, most of all, I LOVE to scrapbook, make hand made cards and make altered items. While visiting me, that’s what you’ll see! Here I will share all of my crafts. I can’t promise that I’ll update everyday, but I can promise that I’ll try to update at least once a week. It might be with a lot of items or might just be one or two. Either way, you’ll most likely see something new from me every week.

I activated this blog quite a while ago, sometime in 2010; however, I never used it. But, I think it will be a good outlet for me, and if I know that I have people who want to see my crafts, then that will make me more motivated to do it!

So, I ask you to join me, and follow my blog. Give me motivation! Please feel free to leave comments, feedback and suggestions. Please always be respectful and nice. I reserve the right to delete any comments, feedback or suggestions which I feel are rude, inappropriate or considered SPAM.

 Here's to my journey!
~Melisa Marie

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