Sunday, March 27, 2011

I wanna talk about SURVIVOR!!!

Ok, so I'll admit it, I'm ADDICTED to SURVIVOR!! I've ALWAYS wanted to go on this show, but my many medical issues prevent me from doing so. I know that if I didn't have the medical issues I did that need constant attention (Bipolar, fibromyalgia, lupus, slipped disc in my back and the other issues from the accident last month) I'd try out for. I know that I would have TONS of support from my husband, my family, my girlfriend and her hubby, all my online friends, and of course, my bff sis Leslie! (you thought I'd forget about you). Even though the only people that watch survivor is myself, my ma and our friend Jenn that lives in vegas and still comes out to visit us in may every year (she's come out every year in may since we've lived here!). I am pretty sure if I were on the show, I'd have many people converting to SURVIVORISM! lmao! :)

So, I really want Ralph to win, but I'm pretty sure he won't. He is a smart guy, even though he is a hillbilly! People don't see him as a threat because of the very fact that he IS a hillbilly, and because he IS acting dumb and just laying low.
I'll also admit that when Russell was voted out, I jumped out of my chair and yelled HELL YEAH, BUH-BUY BUDDY BOY!!!!!!!!!!! (mind you, I couldn't jump around as a lot like I wanted to cause my neck and back are hurting pretty bad still).

So anyhow, I wanna say something about this weeks survivor, but I don't know if everyone has watched it (if you dvr it). So, I'll go ahead and talk about it, but if you haven't watched this week,
don't read anything beyond THIS point if you have NOT watched this past weeks survivor!

Ok, so on redemption island this week, Krista joined Matt. Matt had mentioned something about not wanting to go up against her, or something along those lines... was it me or did it seem like, in the redemption island challenge, that Matt did NOT give it his all? It seemed to me like he was being VERY slow, nonchalant throughout the whole challenge!
His first throw he "misses", getting to his 2nd throw he took his sweet time, his 3rd throw, he took his sweet time again. it seemed when he got the 3rd bag, and he was trying to get a bag open he was being soooooooooooo slow!! Jeff even said something to him and he said "I'm trying Probst". It didn't seem to me like he was trying very hard.

Yes, in the end he did win, but why was he being so slow? It just seems to me he was playing with his "boy feelings" rather than with his love of the game to win!!

at the end, Krista gave Matt her bible. I think that was really sweet of her to do, since it was her PERSONAL bible. Those two being religious, it was important for them, so I'm glad that Matt has something to keep him busy and to pass the time. I wonder if he'll give it back to her at the reunion. I really liked the "AH-HA!" moment that Andrea had about Matt. She realized that he can and will be a very hard person to beat if he were to make it back into the game. I mean, he has survived 4 redemption battles now. I'm just afraid that when it comes time to play against another girl, he will bend to their will.

Is anyone else still HIGHLY annoyed by Phillip??? I really can NOT stand this guy. But, I do have to admit, he brings some LAUGHTER to the show. I put him in the very same category as Coach from a few seasons ago. They both amuse me with their uhm, I can't think of the word...thinking...well anyways, they are just rediculous. I think that the casting crew picked Phillip to add pure humor to the show. I was laughing when Phillip was talking about Rob and the other guy keeping him out of the loop and trying to hide the hidden immunity idol clue from him. I mean, is Phillip that dense that he is just now figuring it out that he is he on the "outs" with his so called "alliance"? He needs to WAKE UP and realize that he isn't as strong in his alliance as he thinks! I think its hilarious that Rob already has the hidden immunity idol, and I'm just wondering how long it's going to take Phillip and the other guy to realize it!

As far as the Ometepe tribe, I really don't like Boston Rob either, but I have to say, he does grow on you. He has a smart strategy for the game. Granted, he has never won on the show, I'm really surprised his tribe has kept him around this long. He is a much bigger threat than they all think.

I am really surprised that Zapatera lost this weeks challenge. I was actually really MAD about that. It just seems, like David said, they didn't "try" to win. They weren't giving it their all, they weren't playing hard to win! While I do want them to go to tribal, because I'm hoping they vote off Phillip, them going to tribal is just one more time I cringe my teeth hoping they don't all turn and vote off Ralph for some crazy idea. I really do like Ralph and I think he has a VERY good chance of winning this game. He is a hard worker, he is SMART, but he is also laid back. He is not riding anyone's coat tails, and that's what i like to see. He is carrying his own weight and he is just laying back watching his whole tribe tear each  other apart.
I really do NOT like Sarita, and I wish they would have voted her off instead of Stephanie. Don't get me wrong, I don't like Stephanie either, but I don't like Sarita even more. She is LAZY, she doesn't carry her weight, and she is has a horrible attitude thinking she is better than everyone else. I completely agree with EVERYTHING Stephanie said about her at tribal council! I do think that if they go to tribal again next week, Sarita will be voted off. Her tribe sees that she is worthless, but they really wanted to get rid of Stephanie because she wasn't trust-worthy. So, here is to hoping Sarita goes home next.

Read more about survivor ~HERE~ at Jeff Probst personal blog about the show. I've been told by a few people that I should be a commentator for the show, I've submitted this and a few other submissions to the show to see if there is any way I can get on board to be a blog commentator!

So, what are YOUR thoughts on the game thus far? Who do you want to win?

Keep on Scrappin' (and watching survivor!) and please, be kind to one another!
~Melisa Marie

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