Sunday, April 10, 2011

Birthday Card for Daddy, AND, I need help from fellow crafters! (Edited to add Info)

First, let me say, I don't need help with digi images now, I have already found one and created the card, so please ignore the striked through text at bottom of post. THANKS!!!!

Hello friendly followers! So, here it is 11 am, and just woke up. I only slept for FOUR hours!! I stayed up all night crafting with my bff sis Leslie. She worked on paper piecings (you should check out her stuff she makes some awesome stuff, AND, she has LOTS of cards for sale (though not posted on her blog, you just have to ask her about them-they weren't selling on her blog so she took them down), contact her!! Tell her I sent you ;) hehe) and I worked on this card for my dad. I kept getting distracted. I'd get up to get something, and hubby would talk to me, or I'd start talking to him, or I would get up to grab something else for the card and find something I needed to make something else so start gathering more things for that item, etc. etc. etc. So, a card that should have took me just an hour so ended up taking me like SIX!! lol Does this ever  happen to anyone else?

So, here is my card!! It's a Bday Card for my daddy!! Oh, and I need help (well actually suggestions about something...) see end of my post. ;)

These are the papers I gathered before doing the card. They are the papers that I thought I wanted to use for the card... when coloring an image, I always gather my paper FIRST so I can color to try and match the paper as best as possible. but, i just knew blues were the way to go cause of the water, and I didn't have many other papers that were for "guys". So, this is what they were, my options...
Deco paper (and image)

Plain Paper (I ended up NOT using the plain "paper" and instead using colored textured cardstock as you will see in the final picture.

Options for lures that I wanted to use (and my pre gamsol blended image)...

or one of these...

I ended up going with the 6th one in, the little green one on the hook. But at the last moment, after I had my card put together, I ended up having to scrap that and go with the 2nd one, the white one, cause the green one blended right in with my green background paper and you couldn't see it very well.

Final colored and blended image. :) This image is from Hambo Stamps and you can find Wee Henry Fishing ~HERE~ for $2.99

Final Card...

So, for this card, I used a REAL stick that I gathered from my front yard. I had gotten a bunch together and then found one that worked perfectly. this was it! I used real fishing line, red of course, because it is the one my daddy bought me, and of course a real fishing hook (a brand new one, that's never caught a fish or been in water) and a real plastic wormy lure (of course I washed it with soap and water before attaching it to the card so it wasn't all slimy like fishing lures are).

I didn't put the hook all the way through the lure, this is to make it safer for mailing! I used glossy accents to attach the stick. I tried to use hot glue, but the glue dried before I could make the whole line of glue on the pole where the stick should be. So, I just peeled it right off the cardstock. It didn't rip it at all. So, glossy accents was my next try and it worked like a charm, and it dried very fast too! I'd say in less than a minute! wheww! I was able to use some hot glue to keep the line down, and the hook in the right place. had I not done that, it would have swung freely, and gotten tangled in itself... I know because I tried to let it swing freely, not a good idea. LOL let's just say my thumb survived, but it's sore. ROFL, my daddy would be laughin' at me too!!

For the coloring I used my prisma colored pencils and used gamsol and paper stubs to do the blending. on the water, I just used a darker shade of blue around the dock area and the cattail plants and the lily pad.
My mother suggested that I color the sky in, like a dusk or sunrise color, but I tried on a spare image that I printed and I just couldn't get it to come out right to where it would look good when blended. i tried just plain coloring, I tried a sun and a cloud, but none of it looked right to me. and since there was already so much blue, I didn't want to do that! but over all, I think it turned out nice :) I just made up the sentiment in word and printed it out.

I had planned on using my corner rounder on the sentiment and the card, but uhm, well, I had been up all night working and i was getting tired and in a rush to finish and I just forgot! It turns out that once you attach something with zots, it won't come off! yep, I "tried" to remove the sentiment to use the corner rounder... that just wasn't going to happen. LOL So I figured not to round the card either cause I thought it would look funny. oh well. there is always next time.

I hope you like my card!! :) I had a lot of fun doing him and it was nice that my mother was giving input on the card too, and my bff sis Leslie too. Well Hope everyone has a good Sunday, don't be to relaxed cause tomorrow is icky monday. lol

(Edited to say I already received a nice digi image to use for my mothers card--see above post!)
Oh, I forgot, I need your help!!! I need to make a bday card for my mother... I wanted to use tilda, but my mother HATES images that don't have a "mouth", so tilda is out, as with a few other stamps... Does anyone know of a website that I can get a CUTE digi image (something cute, but not too childish) that isn't too expensive, so i can get her card done? her bday is coming up quick so i need to get it done and in the mail asap! I already looked @ wink wink ink and didn't find anything there, and I looked a few other places too, but didn't find anything. I'm open to many ideas, so if you have more than one suggestion, please let me know! I'd really appreciate it!!

Thanks Everyone and have a great week this week. :)

Keep on scrappin' and please, be kind to one another!

~Melisa Marie


  1. Hi Melisa Marie I have sent you an email hope that's ok and will help
    Jacki xx

  2. Hi Jacki, I got your e-mail and sent a reply. Thank you so much. :)

  3. Melissa, I love this card! The image is so cute and you do a great job of coloring and showing dimension.

    Cindy D


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