Thursday, March 3, 2011

Well, it was fun...

Hi Friendly Followers.
I just wanted to do a quick update that I'm no longer in the ScrapbookPlace group. So, while my last post of my card was submitted, I don't think it is valid for the challenge anymore. I know I worked really hard on that card and I was the first to submit to the challenge, but at least one lucky person will be getting that card soon. :)

So, if you've got a handle on another yahoo group that deals in piffing/swapping/trading and does NOT require a specific amount of monthly participation, I'd love to join. I just don't want to join a group that has a lot of requirements because I'm on an extremely limited budget and I can only mail out once or twice a month. I can't be in a group that requires all items to be new in package, and I would like to be able to swap on some type of freebie board too, basically a group where I don't have to spend a lot of money to get nice things. I have a LOT of really great things here, quite a few are still NIP, but no one ever wanted them in my other group. I have a lot of baby items (almost all NIP) and I also handmake lots of different things too (layouts, page kits, flowers etc). I also own SEVERAL stamp sets (both rubber and acrylic) and I can do copic friendly images. I also do heat embossing and I have over 40 colors of embossing powder. ;)
Oh, and btw, the group has to be drama free!



  1. Hi Melisa hope you are well I have just become a follower of your for two reasons one I love your cards and secondly I like the fact that you are open about your bipolar I suffer from depression so have a slight understanding of what you go through I am hoping to find out lots more about you as I get to know you and want you to know you have my support Happy crafting
    hugs Jacki xx

  2. Hi Jacki, thank you for becoming one of my friendly followers :)
    It is difficult dealing with being bipolar and I completly understand depression. It is a major part of bipolar disorder.

    I just take everything one day at a time and take much advantage of my up time. ;)

    I've checked out your blog and you make some really nice cards! I am very sorry to hear about your accident. I can understand how it is for you not being able to work and living in pain. My husband is on disability for back issues, he just recently had his 14th back surgery! It really stinks. He has gone through all the shots and everything and has a spinal stimulator (which doesn't help at all). So, just take it easy!!!

    I too like cross stitching and I'll post pics of my stuff soon!

    How or where did you hear about/find my blog?

    Thanks again!!


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