Tuesday, March 1, 2011

A Card for a Challenge!

Ok friendly followers! You're getting a sneak peak at a card I'm submitting for the weekly challenge over at my crafting groups' blog, Scrapbook Place Challenges. :)

It literally took me HOURS to do this card because I kept taking it apart, redoing the images etc. trying to make it just RIGHT! I have to admit, I'm really not that creative when it comes to "cards"; however, when it comes to scrapbook layouts, you are going to see some amazing work from me!

Ok, so this weeks challenge was "What has the weather done for you lately?  What's in your forecast? The challenge this week is to share a WEATHER related project.  This can be a card, a layout, anything your heart desires."

So, here is the card I'm submitting... calling it "Love is in the air" well, because that is the sentiment!

"Love is in the Air"
Melisa Marie McConnell 2011
For Scrapbook Place Challenges

 So, what do you think?
The 2 big white hearts are punched out on glitter paper with my fiskars heart punches. On the hearts on the "love is in the air" sentiment and the heart the girl is holding, I used white glitter glue. it is SUPER glittery, you just can't tell in the picture. The rain is colored over with my prisma's and gamsol, and then I ran some "true blue" stickles over the lines it looks all globby, but it's really not. the lines are very thin and uniform (I just wrote "unicorn" and had to erase it. lol) I used wired ribbon for the background and a few small PINK gem hearts in the top corner. they look purple, but they really are pink that match the lines in the paper. ;) I colored my images with prismas and gamsol.

And to top it off, I just realized, I didn't BUY anything that was used on this card, I had it all on hand, so it gets to go towards the STASH BASH too! (yep, even the stickles, cause I've had it for a few weeks now!)

Card Recipe
Stripped Paper~ATD
Card Base: White cardstock.
Purple Mats: Textured Cardstock
White Hearts~Glitter Paper (company unknown-received from a paper swap)
Images: FREEBIES from My Graphico "Love is in the Air" Digital Stamps Found ~HERE~
Ribbon: 2 Inch Wired Fabric ribbon called "Holiday Time" sold at Wal-Mart.
Gem Hearts: 3 pink gem hearts, company unknown, received from swap.
Stickles: "True Blue" received from Leslie who gave it to me as a gift purchased from The Beary Scrap
White Glitter Glue: Sparkly Glitter Glue in WHITE from "Basic Elements" sold at walmart.
Inks: Edge distressing ink used was Colorbox Fluid Chalk Cats Eyes stacks.
Image Colors: Gamsol and Prisma colored pencils
Heart punches: fiskars 1/2 inch heart punches.
Adhesives: GLUE DOTS Brand mini glue dots and medium glue dots.

Hope you all like the FIRST pic I'm sharing on my blog!!
Keep on Scrappin'
~Melisa Marie


  1. Melisa,

    That is down right cute... Your bring spring faster.. Good luck with your challenge.

  2. Thanks Leslie!! and thank you for getting me the stickles last month! it worked out perfectly for this card :D

    I can't wait for spring to get here! I love spring here because it rains SO much!! and I love the rain :)

  3. Cute card Melisa! Love the girl under the umbrella. The rain was so pretty and all your colors are blended well. Great job!

  4. Hi Cindy. thank you so much for your comment!!
    yes, the rain was a challenge, and then I remember I had stickles that my friend Leslie sent me last month! it is really neat. I love the stickles. it gives a cool effect. the thing is, the card is WAY more cute in person. lol pics just don't display colors very well. the card is vibrant and has lots of nice layers. :)
    I try hard on the colors. :) I know prismas and gamsol isn't as great as copics, but hey, at least it's something nice!
    Thanks for the comment.
    PS. I can't get to your blog, what is the link? when I click your name it says profile not available. :-/

  5. Hi Annette, thanks so much for the comment!! I appreciate it. :)

    I try hard on my cards. I put quite a few up in ScrapbookPlace in the stash bash database. you should take a look. :)
    I am on my way to your blog right now :p

    Thanks again!

  6. Really precious - great job Melisa Marie!

  7. Adorable card...love the colors you used

  8. Hi Diane, thanks so much for the comment. :) I love the colors too. they remind me of spring!

  9. Your card was well worth the time you spent on it--gorgeous!!

  10. Thanks Pat!! after making this card, I made THREE cards within a 30 minute period. I had to do something "quick" to prove that I could not be so hard on myself. lol ;)


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