Thursday, September 8, 2011

Holiday Extravaganza!

A friend of mine on facebook suggested that I check into a holiday extravaganza! So I called the girl and got a space for it so I can be a vendor and sell some of my stuff! I'm SUPER excited!
Not only will I get to sell some more of my items, but I'll also be able to give some money to a good cause for the community center. that makes me super happy :)

I will also be taking Custom Orders while at the sale!

So, for my fellow Kentucky friends and followers, here is the info. If you can't come be a vendor, at least come out to look around and maybe purchase something, even if not from me, from someone else! Help our fellow community members AND help support the community center. :)

Keep on Scrappin'
and remember, be kind to one another!
~Melisa Marie

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