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Interactive Haunted Memories Paper Bag Album

Howdy! I hope everyone had a SPOOK-TACULAR Halloween! :)
Since I don't have little ones, I spent my halloween creating a PBA (paper bag album) for someone else to be able to store memories of their little one's halloween! :)

I had a lot of fun doing this album. It isn't as fancy as my last album, but this one was meant to be more fun :) So continue reading to check it out!

So here it is! I was a little indecisive with the front cover. I originally used a black sharpee marker on the "boo" to outline it, but I wasn't sure if it stood out enough! So, after getting these liquid metals metallic markers from a friend, I decided to use my silver one and go over the black lines I had previously created to outline the "boo". I'm not sure which way I like it better, but I can't go back now, so it's silver! I do think the silver stands out better though. :)

Which way do you like it better? black or silver? Comment and let me know!

I don't know which line of paper the background is, but I really like it! I used a halloween brad on the top right corner of the "boo". it's so cute, it has a neat pumpkin for "o" in halloween. The ghost is a die cut from the cricut and I am not sure where the cat and pumpkins are die cuts from, I got them from a swap. For the ghosts eyes, I used christmas red stickles and for the cats green eyes I used green studio g glitter glue. I didn't really like this stuff at first, but I have found its good to use when you have to cover large areas. But if you need to do fine detail work, I wouldn't suggest using it because it comes out in clumps rather than a nice thin line like stickles. There really is NO controlling how the studio g glitter glue comes out of the bottle. :(

I added orange and green fiber to the holes to hold the book together as with some shiny purple ribbon. I also used some really cool fuzzy fiber too. they feel like a tarantulas hairy legs (and yes I've held one of those before! EEEEKKKK I know! lol)

So here is page 1 and 2.

 For page 1, I used a castle die cut and a tree die cut. I cut 2 of the branches off of the tree and attached them to the top portion of the bag flap, and used a different color for the other half. The textured black behind the castle is embossed cardstock. It's embossed using a tim holtz embossing woodgrain folder (I am assuming, I don't own this folder, I got a bunch of these embossed fronts as my queen gift when I was queen of the month in my scrapbook group).

I used a shiny confetti ghost coming out of the top of the castle and used christmas red stickles on his eyes. I used a white gel pen to make the smoke, but after looking at the pics I decided I was unhappy with the way it looked so I ran some silver stickles over and made it look more like rolling smoke.

For the windows I colored them with my white gel pen and then put glossy accents over it. it gives it the cool glass effect! the bats and spiders are vinyl stickers and I used christmas red stickles on the bats eyes. the pumpkin is a fuzzy little 3d element. it's pretty cool!

As you can see, there is an OPEN sign on the door. I put a different ghost behind the door (under the castle) and stickled his eyes christmas red. 
 As you can see, this page is pretty interactive! You can open the door and also remove the tag that is slid into the flap behind the castle.

and here is the opposite page (page 2). the bats are a fuzzy sticker border. I wasn't very happy with them as they were because their wings were hollow and you could just see the lined paper behind them. So I colored them in with a black archival, acid and lignin free marker. I stickled their eyes with christmas red stickles. The photo mat is bazzil cardstock that is border punched with martha stewart around the page punch. the "spooky" word is vinyl letter stickers. Can you believe that I got that word perfectly centered and perfectly straight on the first application?!?! I SHOCKED myself with that one! LOL
There is a tag on the right side in the paper bag opening, that will be shown on the next page.
Here are pages 3 and 4...

Page 3... Ok, this is so cute! I can't help myself. so, the little purple square at the bottom of the page, yes, that is a MUMMY, a HANDMADE mummy, that I made myself!! The square is one of those plastic photo frames. I cut small strips of white cardstock each being a little curvy. I then inked both sides of the edges with my colorbox queue cats eye ink and ran them through my small X xyron to make the backs sticky. I took a piece of acetate and attached googly eyes (I LOVE googly eyes, as you'll see in this album! lol) and then attached the strips of paper all around them in a funky manner to make it look like a wrapped mummy. I then put the purple frame around it and outlined the frame with my silver metallic marker. to carry over the purple square look I used purple as the base for this page. I added a "i love my mummy" ribbon which is SO cute!
here is the tag that was seen from the other side of the page (page 2). the larger green tag. and then the small square frankenstein tag. isn't it cute?
 here is the other side of the green tag, and the back of the frankenstein tag. I used my metallic silver marker to put lines on it. and yes, the green tag is stamped with the same journal frame on both sides.

Here is page 4. I was REALLY tempted to put googly eyes on the pumpkins, but I refrained from it. LOL I am sure I'll change my mind before I sell this album, but I'm not sure. haha. I may take some googly eyes with me to the craft fair and ask the purchaser if they want googly eyes on the page, if so, then add them right then. glossy accents is a strong hold and dries quickly!
 There are 2 tags for this page. I stamped the journal stamp on the green tag and outlined it in my metallic purple marker and then stamped the skull on the smaller white tag and outlined it in purple as well. these tags are both double sided, with the same images on both sides. the slide easily behind the pumpkins for quick storage. As you can see, there is another pull out tag on the right, that will be shown on the next page.

Here is page 5 and 6. I made both of them "hide a tag" pages. I know, the tags aren't really "hidden" but close enough! LOL I cut squares from bazzil cardstock and inked the edges and then for a unique "dirt" technique I balled up my fists and put some memento ink on my the bottom side of my hand. I rubbed it on the photo mat. I think it looks neat. just the right amount of distressing. the bat, cat and spiders all have christmas red stickled eyes. I think they look WICKED.

On Page 5 I used green brads from Queen and Co. and then attached photo turn stickers to cardstock (to make them more durable) and cut them out and then attached them to the photo square.

You may be asking why I have the tag in "backwards" with the ribbon backwards... simple, take a look at the front of the album, the front of this ribbon is showing! :) by putting the tag in backwards, it allows the decorated part of the ribbon to show properly on the front of the album. :)

Here is the tag. it has the same 3 journal boxes stamped on the reverse side as well.
and here is page 6. the cob web corners and spiders are 3d stickers that are popped up with 3d foamies and attached with glossy accents for a stronger hold.
 and the tag, same thing, double sided.

Here is page 7 and 8.

A small 3d happy halloween sticker to top off the page, and a 3d chipboard skeleton. Now, you were forewarned about my googly eyes!! he didn't originally have googly eyes, but I couldn't resist! I tried, I swear I did. LOL hey, at least I didn't put them on the pumpkin too!!! hmmm, now that i mention it, hehe! I won't! I think the page looks fine. I don't wanna overdo it!
 Here is the pull out tag from the bag flap and the 2 small tags that were slid in behind the pumpkin. The black tag has silver lines (double sided) and the green and orange tag has purple lines (double sided). the larger orange tag has fuzzy black fiber and a journal stamp, outlined in silver (double sided).
Page 8. this page looks a little plain, which I noticed after taking the pic! so, I added some christmas red stickles to the bats eyes. (not pictured).
Page 9 and 10.

Page 9. Not too fancy! there is no photo square on this page. However, I will be including (in a baggy attached to the album with string) some decorative photo corners. I will include colors of orange, purple, green, yellow and black... the purchaser can use whatever colors they want on any of the pages to add a nice touch. Here the bats and cat have christmas red stickled eyes.

Page 10. yes, more googly eyes! hahahah this is a 3d chipboard skull. the ghost is like the one from the front and page 1. I just flipped him over so he was facing the opposite direction to make it look like he was coming out of the gravestone. the gravestone is a vinyl sticker. I stickled the ghosts eyes in christmas red.
 and here is page 10 with the pull out tag from the bag flap. the pumpkin is double sided with lines that I drew on with my archival marker. I added an eyelet and slid the ribbon through that. the ribbon is closed tightly with glossy accents for a strong hold.

Well, I hope that you like my halloween album. :)
Thanks for stopping by to look!
Keep on scrappin' and please, be kind to one another!
~Melisa Marie

NOTICE: All images in this post are Copyright of Melisa Marie McConnell, November 2011. You may NOT use my images as your own, for any reason whatsoever, this includes but is not limited to: taking credit for your own work, entering contests and/or challenges, copying images for any use other than personal use as "layout sketch" inspiration. Any infringement of this Copyright will be reported to the proper authorities for fullest prosecution allowed by law. 


  1. Melisa, adorable Halloween Paperbag book! Wow, you did a great job, TFS

  2. Melisa, I love the Halloween PBA! I think the silver on the cover was the way to go. It makes the BOO stand out


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