Saturday, November 12, 2011

My New Business Cards are Here!!!!!!

ohhhhhhhhhhhh I'm SOOOOOOO excited!!!! My new business cards that I ordered from Vista print are HERE!!!!

they are SOOOOO pretty! I'm very VERY happy with my order! and it only took them 13 days instead of the 21 that they quoted me. :) I love the FEEL of this card! it has the feel of a paper bag on the light brown parts and the feel of gloss on the dark brown. its very nice!

So, here is my new business card! I can't wait to have them in my business card holder at my craft fair next weekend! SQUEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEE :D

I have edited out my phone # to keep out the TROLLS. lol. you can contact me through the e-mail listed on my card, if needed.

Keep on scrappin' and please, be kind to one another!
~Melisa Marie


  1. WOW!... Look at you, getting professional very posh business card! Congrats, you have good taste. Cheers!

  2. Thanks Gleise!!!! I do love them, more than I thought I would!
    I'm going to have to order more of them for sure, because I wanna give one to everyone I know and put one inside every card I send out this holiday season! LOL at that rate, I'll go through the whole 250 pretty damn fast!


  3. Too many to choose from! I would say the splash business card sizes and design about quarter of the way down. Amazing!

  4. I know, Donald, huh!! they do have a lot of nice designs to choose from! I will definitely be ordering more from them! :)


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