Monday, March 19, 2012

Punched Hearts!

A couple of months ago I got the heart to heart punch by Stampin' Up and I've been dying to try a few things out. I did this rainbow heart punched card and it came out SO cute :D

I did 2 of these cards, but used the punch facing down on one card, and then turned the punch over and punched the paper with the punch facing up on the other card. So, one card has hearts facing one way and the other card has them facing the other way.
this card really is a fun patchwork card to do, and it makes doing the inside fun as well!

Here is a sneak peek of the card, click the clicky to read the rest and see more pics!

Ok, so here's what I did...
   ~I punched the Stampin' Up "heart to heart" punch 3 times across the cardstock, being sure to line them up evenly. once I had 3 sets, I THEN cut my cardstock to fit the length of the punched hearts, and then scored it to fold the card in half making the card base.
   ~I used my martha stewart scoreboard and scored 3 lines half an inch from the bottom of cardstock (white textured cardstock).

   ~I again scored 3 lines right above the set of hearts.
   ~I used the "thinking of you" stamp from the Stampin' Up! sincere salutations set and stamped the image in Stampin' Up! basic black CRAFT ink...

   ~I used my heat gun to heat set the ink (the craft ink needs set with heat or it takes FOREVER to dry!). using the heat gun and setting the ink makes it look brandished into the cardstock, I LOVE that look!!
   ~I took all the colors of the rainbow, red, orange, yellow, green, blue and purple and rain small pieces of those colors through my big kick with the swiss dots embossing folder.

   ~i cut small pieces up and turned my card over. I taped the pieces DOTS DOWN to the cardstock.

   ~I took a strip of cardstock and stamped the lines of hearts from the Stampin' Up! Valentine Defined set, using my Inkadinkado primary color rainbow inkpad.
   ~I then adhered that strip of cardstock over the inside of the card where I did the heart covering patchwork... this way, the receiver of the card doesn't see all the different taped up pieces of cardstock on the inside, where I covered the hearts, and the inside of the card looks more complete.

   ~I used the small heart stamp on either side of the "thinking of you" sentiment from the Stampin' Up! So happy for you set, also stamped in the rainbow pad.

I think these 2 cards came together in a matter of 20 minutes, total. it was very easy and I love how they came out!

I hope you like them too :)
Thanks for looking
Keep on Craftin' and please, be kind to one another!
P.S. ^^^ did you notice that??? I changed my closing line from Keep on Scrappin' to keep on Craftin'. I did this because 1) I have done more "card making" and other "crafting" lately than scrap booking, and I noticed that some of my followers do other crafts besides scrap booking, so I wanted to include everyone! :) ;)


  1. I love my card so much, I love that technique alot~ I'm posting a few post-it note covers I'be been making. Thanks again chick! I'm ready to climb in bed but maybe we can skype Fri or Sat. Computer is fixed and ready to roar! LOL

  2. awww, Thanks Laurie!!! I'll take a look at what you've posted. I'm really glad that you like your card! <3 if you wanna skype this weekend, we can do that! ;)


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