Tuesday, October 30, 2012

Christmas Crafts Galore!!

WHEWW it has been a BUSY week and weekend!! in 2 days, I've created 22, yes, you read that right, 22 different themed cards! I had to get everything done for my secret santa swap! but this post isn't about those cards yet! I'll get to that later this week or this weekend.... I have my back surgery in the morning, and I'm SO very nervous, to the point to where I'm physically ill from my nerves. My klonopin is definitely NOT helping my nerves, nor is my valium. So, while I couldn't sleep I figured this was as good a time as any to do an update on a few of the "Christmas" crafts I completed mid last week. I had a few things I had to do for "swaps" in my craft group and i had SO much fun doing them!!!!

I'm not going to post all of the supplies I listed right now, I'll update the post later with that info. For now, just pics and a little info.
So there are 3 ATC's that I did, though I'm only really pleased with 2 of them. LOL Hey, we are always our own worst critic!

This first one is the one I like the most! I just LOVE hedgehogs!! they are so freakin' cute! For this swap, all of our handmade items had to be embellished in at least 2 ways. For the christmas tree I stamped it and then used SEVERAL colors of stickles on it in the white spaces, as well as a little bit of stickles on the * in the sentiment, and on the star above the hedgehogs. Click the pics for larger images showing the glitter on the cards. I also added a cute little silver star made from very shiny silver confetti. Though, you can't see the shine!
For this one I stamped all the images, colored the santa and then I used silver stickles on his hat and coat. I used another confetti star on the tree as well as more stickles. I also used stickles on the snowflakes.
 this one didn't really turn out as good as I had hoped it would. I am pleased with the distressed flourish (the actual stamp is pretty distressed, it's really neat especially when heat embossing!) these little holiday baubles are cute, but they just didn't turn out how I wanted. thankfully, this isn't a card I had to send to anyone, just the two above. I stamped all the images and added stickles to some parts of the baubles. Only embellished that one time cause it wasn't part of my swap, just something I wanted to try.
For the ATC cards above, I used the stamp sets below. If anyone knows what company they are and/or the name of the sets, PLEASE let me know. I got them at a yard sale a while back and the lady didn't have the packaging for them and didn't know what company made them. She got them at walmart for a few bucks a set. I'm dying to know the name of the sets or the company. a bazillion google searches have turned up nothing!

 This was my first of 2 handmade cards for my partner. this one is sorta plain and I really should have added ribbon behind it, but to be honest, I JUST NOW (when looking at the pic below) realized I didn't put any ribbon or anything else on it. LOL OOPS!!! leave it to me to forget something. LOL
So anyhow, I used 2 snowflake stamps, one from the new Stampin' Up! Snow Swirled set and one from a recollections holiday set. I added a white pearl in the middle of the large blue one, and then a light blue pearl in the middle of the 2 small light blue ones.

 The sentiment is stamped in Colorbox Silver that is SUPER shimmery! I also distressed the edges of my top note die-cut with that same silver. the card is REALLY shiny! I just love it!!

this card below is my FAVORITE of the 2 I made. I ran blue cardstock through the snowflake ef and then painstakingly added stickles by hand, to each and every snowflake on the cardfront.

 I heat embossed the tree in silver and I love how it turned out. I added 6 gems to each of the "snowflakes" on the tree and then distressed the edge of my top note die-cut. I stamped the sentiment after adding some beautiful shimmer ribbon. I wish I knew what brand of ribbon this is, I just LOVE it! I don't even know where to get it. My auntie sent it to me and she doesn't remember where she got it at. oh well, maybe one day I'll get lucky and figure out where it came from! haha
Overall, I'm very pleased with how this card came out!

For the last items I did, I had to create 2 "to/from" gift tags for my partner. I loved the idea of making them postcard like. I'm SO pleased with how this came out. I'm actually thinking of making some christmas "postcards" instead of cards this year!

I inked the edges of the top note die-cut for some contrast to the rest of the card. I used the postcard stamp from Stampin' Up! and then stamped the mittens on the end hanging off. I colored them and then embellished the tops of the mittens with silver stickles.
after stamping the snowman I colored it and added some star dust stickles to the bob on the hat. I used turquoise stickles for the snowflake dots. baby blue stickles were used for the snow.

Oh, the ribbon is attached through a snowflake eyelet. that eyelet was white, but I used my sailboat blue TH Alcohol Ink to color it. I just put some ink on a plastic lid and dipped and dabbed the eyelet in it until I was happy with the look. :)

for the to/from, I used one of my House Mouse christmas stamps and only inked up the to/from part as opposed to that with the mouse. I used the stampin' up circle of friendship for the sentiment and the post barcode from stampology. these were just SUPER fun to do!
 the details for this card are pretty much all the same, except for the santa and the stocking. I added silver stickles to the top of the stocking, and then on the dots of the stocking I used star dust stickles as well as on the santa.
 I did the same thing with this snowflake eyelet as with the one above. :) VERY pleased with how these turned out!

Well, those are all of my craft projects for now!
Maybe this weekend I'll feel well enough to do a blog post of all those cards I did the last 2 days! haha. there is a TON.
Thank you so much for stopping by and checking out my crafty projects.

I will come back this weekend and update this post with a list of my supplies! Oh BTW, do you happen to know what the names of ANY of these stamp sets below are, or even the company who makes them?
I got them at a yard sale a few years ago and they were just in a baggy on the acetate. the lady didn't know what company they were from.

Keep on Craftin'!
~Melisa Marie

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  1. Hi, Melisa!

    I loved the one with snowflake stamps. Snowflakes are my favorite things about a winter Christmas!
    Unfortunately, I think I'll melt in this horrible heat that it is Brazil in Oct/Nov/Dec time of the year.
    Great job on the cards!
    Best wishes and get well soon! Hugs and Kisses from me and Mom. ;D


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