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A couple handmade items for swaps (4 THINGS!)

We have a "handmade surprise" swap in one of my groups. We had to make 2 handmade surprise items for our partner. I've participated in all the swaps so far, and I have had so much fun. For this swap I decided to go with a magnet theme. :)
I made 2 different sets; a 4 piece set with my Stampin' Up! Four Frames stamp set, and then I made bottle cap mini pie magnets, set of 4. Of course, for each ones I made, I made more than 4, but I'm only giving 4 to my partner.


I've included the pics of the additional items I made to include with my swap.

First, here's my swap items. :)

So first up is my Four Frame magnets. these were SUPER fun and easy to make. With some really thin magnet sheets from Stampin' Up! and the Decorative Label Punch, you can make some really cute magnets, even if you don't have the Four Frames stamp set. Luckily, I do and that just made my magnets even cuter!

I did 2 of the friendship ones, because I really like things with birds, and wanted to put one on my bucket on my craft table.

 I was able to put them on tall floor lamp to get some pics of them lol

I don't have a close up, other than the one above, of the yellow "Smile" magnet. not sure how I missed it. 
for the flowers I used the Stampin' Up! Boho Blossom Punch and the bird builder punch for the leaves. I got the butterflies from a friend, I think they are from the martha stewart punch, but I'm not positive about that.

I used the pretty scroll frame stamp from the Four Frames set and I used the Kindness Matters stamp from that named set, but I masked off the word 'matters' so I could just use kindness. I love how it came out!
 For the friendship one I used a couple of hearts and some gems that I colored with a teal sharpie. A mini butterfly atop a flower makes for a really cute embellishment! I used the bird frame stamp and then the word 'Friendship' from the Inque Boutique-See D's "Garden of Friendship" set.
 For the love set I only wanted butterflies since there were already flowers on the frame stamp. I used the beautiful quote stamp from the Stampin' Up! 'Butterfly Prints', but I masked it off and just used the 'love' word. It turned out Lovely, no pun intended ;) and what is as beautiful as love? pearls! so some pearls on some butterflies finishes this magnet off.
 Here are the first 3 next to each other
 and the other 2.

Here are 2 of them on their backs, you can see the dimension to embellishments on the magnet.
 Here are 2 more.
 and here's the last one. I LOVEEEEE how dimensional this one is. it looks like a really beautiful big lotus flower! :)

So, here are the bottle cap mini pie magnets...
I made a LOT of them! LOL everyone loves pie. :)

So, I made 5 kinds of pie. from top to bottom:
Blueberry, Cherry, Apple, Razzleberry (with purple beads, to represent my 2nd favorite Stampin' Up! color, Rich Razzleberry), and for the last one, I only made 2, for hubby, of "Mincemeat". I made my first mincemeat pie the year before last for thanksgiving. it was "ok", but i think it was way too sweet. I would eat it again, but only a very small piece.
So the magnets really easy to make. I turned a bottle cap upside down onto some tan felt and outlined it. I cut out as many as I needed to make my pies. I used some glue in the bottom of the bottle caps and then put the felt circles in there. I pushed them down and around the edges of the inside of the bottle caps. I let them dry fully (it took quite a few hours!) It's important that the felt is dry BEFORE you add the "pie filling" because if not, it will just rip from getting too wet. Once it's fully dry you fill it with more glue and then dump some beads in there (color of your choice to match whatever pie filling you want). push the beads down and then press your hand on top and it will smush the beads in. I turned it upside down and let some of the excess beads fall into a tray. I added more glue and then some more beads to make it more full. For the pie top, I just cut a few really thin strips of felt and added them by putting some glue on the back of the strips and pushing them onto the pie tops.

In all, I think it took about 12 hours or so for these 'pies' to FULLY dry and to become very hard and no longer "mushy". the "mushy" feeling is from WET glue inside underneath and between the beads. But, once it dries fully, the pies are ready to go. Make sure to use a glue that dries clear. I used Aleenes.

to turn these into actual "magnets", I used crystal effects to attach the magnet to the back of the bottle cap. It took about 2 hours to fully dry.

I love how they turned out. :)

So, as I said these are for a swap, below are the containers I used. Oh, and the little tags that I made.
I figured these would be really cute to put inside easter cartons, since it's so close to easter. I also took some white tissue paper and altered it to use inside the little cartons, and then made some tags to attach. :)

They are so cute!
 I used the Stampin' Up! Decorative Label punch. I also used an inkadinkado stamp, it has 3 chicks on it, I just stamped them and colored them (Stampin' Up! Blender pen, SU! Summer Sun, and SU! Pumpkin Pie). I cut some slits in the green for grass. for the eggs, I cut them out of a spare easter carton (see below) to put in the grass.

 I took pics on their backs so you can see the dimension. the sun and the ladybug are puffy stickers. so cute! I put them on with a mini glue dot just to be sure they wouldn't fall off.
 You can see the grass sticks up as well. :)

 I think these turned out so cute! So, I added them to the cartons with some really pretty multi-colored yarn. For the inside of the cartons I stamped a bunch of easter themed stamps on some white tissue paper.

I used the bunny and "hip HOP and you don't stop" saying from the "little piggy" BasicGrey set, the 3 chicks stamp I used for the tags, a bee from one of the mini Hot Off The Press sets, a butterfly from one of my sizzix framelits sets, a mini flower, and an easter sentiment "Hippity Hoppity Happy Easter". I think this turned out so cute.

 Here are the cartons with the paper and the tags.
That carton will have the four frames magnets.

Here is the paper inside the carton. SO cute. when my partner removes the items, she'll be greeted by a cute little blue bunny. haha

Here's the magnets in the carton. I was able to fold the paper up over the contents and it's another bunny as soon as the top of the carton is opened haha

I closed the carton and then put "sealed with a fish" on top. this is one of my favorite stamps and I always seal my envies and boxes with one. :)

Here is the carton with the pies they fit nicely inside. Who doesn't like a box of pies? haha!!!

Here are the cartons with the tags. they are so cute. I like how my tags match the carton!

well that's all I have for this post. I have a HUGE list of supplies, but it will take me a little while to type it all up, so I'll edit my post later to add my full list of supplies. I think I've mentioned the majority of the main supplies I used though. :)

Thanks for looking today.
Keep on Craftin'
~Melisa Marie

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