Saturday, December 14, 2013

Long time no post!!!

Hey y'all, wow it's been a very long while since I've posted to my blog!
I've not been crafting too much lately, as I've relocated out of Kentucky. Hubby and I left Kentucky back in April of 2013. The situation with the house we were purchasing took a horrible, dreadful unexpected turn with the guy we were buying our house from. I'll just cut it short and say the whole thing was a sham, and the man was a fraud and thief and every dime we put into the house went to nothing but his greedy pocket! Unfortunately, due to the sitaution we were forced to walk away from our home and move and we lost all the money we put into it. We were very sad, but the situation led us on a whole new journey, that we were so excited for!
We went on a journey up to the far tip of the east coast up through the Adirondacks and up to Vermont, but very sadly, due to unforeseen circumstances we had to make our way back to Lost Wages, uhm, I mean Las Vegas, where my family is. We were very saddened because Vermont was SO beautiful! and we had some great friends up there as well. We hope to one day make it back up to the East coast, the West coast has nothin' on the beauty of it!!!!

We reallyyyyyyyyyyyy hated the heat here this summer (of course, we got her right before summer started!), but family is here, so it is what it is. We used to live here many, many years ago (about 15 years ago) and we really thought we'd NEVER come back here. We've always hated the heat, the fast pace of life that you just can't get away from here, the horrible neighborhoods, the violence and of course, the gambling and casinos. But, life has dealt us this hand and the universe has for some reason landed us back in this place.

Right now all of our stuff is in storage back east until we can save up the money to get it all loaded onto a shipping company truck and shipped out here (we're looking at price ranging from $4,000 to $5000 depending on which company we go with (of course, lower price will take longer) but I'm slowly getting my craft supplies built up, and I've done some small crafts and some cards here and there.

Hubby and I just got into our own place (November 2013) with the help of my parents. We were in a roommate situation before, which was difficult with just having our own space as 1 bedroom, but we made it work. Kinda glad we got our own place back again, but with that comes a LOT of responsibilities of bills and "upkeep" of a home. we will just take everything one day at a time.

Anyhow, as I said, I've done some crafting here and there and I have a lot of pics to show for that, and, after unloading pics off my camera, I noticed that I had about 10 craft projects (around 15 cards) that I had never posted to my blog back in march/april because things got so hectic and we had to move unexpectedly.

So, I will sit over the next few days and arrange some blog posts and get things sorted and ready to upload, but until now, here are a couple pics from our move! :)

Hubby and I when we just passed into Vermont, at the rest stop.
and two pictures I took at the Onion River camp ground in Vermont. so gorgeous! We stopped to check out the RV park.

and 2 pics I took at the Vail, Colorado Summit Pass rest stop, elevation was over 10, 600 feet where we were stopped at, it was so awesome! Went to the restroom at the rest stop by climbing up the walkway, and then slid back down to our car on the snow on our butts. LOL SO FUN!!

that's pretty much the "best" pics I got to take on our trip from KY to VT and then from VT to NV, because ont he way to VT from KY hubby was driving the u-haul and I was driving our car, so it was just too difficult to stop and get pics.
On the way to NV from VT we tried to make the drive as quick as possible seeing as how we had 3 cats in ONE cage, and 3 dogs also, with us 2 in a small car... here, this was our ride. yep, what's in that car top bag and our trunk is literally all we brought with us from Vermont to Vegas. not much fit in the trunk cause we had the cat and dog supplies back there. :-/
Bella decided she was going to drive the car away when hubby and I went to go to the bathroom. That's buddy in the backseat (sitting on top of cat crate) saying helppppp she's driving, let me out of here!!!
 Bella looking around to see if she can make a clean get away. LOL

and here is the last 2 pics I took on the way into vegas, leaving Utah...

These are all when we were leaving Salinas, Utah. so pretty!
the storm didn't look so bad at first... (this is 20x zoom on my camera!!!)
then, the clouds got worse...
and worse... It took us about 20 minutes on the road before we reached this horrid downpour!!

and this was the very last picture I took, when we were crossing into Arizona. We passed the Welcome to Nevada sign SO fast, like, we were driving over a hill, then BAM! there it was. there was so much traffic we couldn't even pull over for me to get out and snap a picture. Ahh well, all the better, not that we were all that happy to be back. LOL great to see and be with family, but ugh living in this horrid state SUCKS!

well, I will add soem craft pics in the next few days! I can't wait to show everyone what I've been working on!!!

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