Wednesday, May 28, 2014

Cute Kitty Graduation!!

It's that time of year again, all the youngin's are graduating High School. My cousin-in-law, Lizzy is graduating from a magnet technical academy. She will be going into the Air Force to be a CSI. totally cool!!!!
I haven't been around her for YEARS because hubby and I left vegas when she was little to move to Kentucky. But seeing her now, she is so grown up and I just remember the cute little one she was, now I see the grown up, funny and smart one she is. :)

Her mama told me that she really likes Hello Kitty and the color purple, so I knew I had to make her a graduation card with the Hello Kitty theme. So, here ya go... here's a sneak below to see the rest of pics...

I wish this pic would have come out a little better... She has a PURPLE bow. :) I embellished the pieces.
My cricut machine is back east in storage, so I went to my LSS (local Scrapbook Store) Scrapbook Kyndyland and picked my cardstocks and she cut it for me. :) she came out so cute once I put her all together.

The card really did come out just how I wanted. The layers are nice too.
The card stock, deco paper, ribbon, gold string, glue zots, stickles, and of course the cute Kitty, was all purchased at my LSS, Scrapbook Kyandyland.

I used 3 layers for the deco paper mat. I layered purple on top of black and then layered the deco paper. I was going to do purple and then black, but I didn't want the black from the letters on the deco paper to blend with the background.
 I used some gold stickles on her hat, and then of course, I couldn't resist using purple stickles on her bow to give it some glitz and shine. :) it made it SO much more cute than it was plain. I added dots of stickles to the bottom left and top right of card, as well.
After layering the card stock with the deco paper I added one single strip of the ribbon. I used glue zots to hold it down. I wanted to make sure it didn't move.I cut another small piece of ribbon and tied it in a knot around the lower portion of the single strip.
I had a pretty difficult time getting the knotted ribbon to stay facing up, rather than turning over and showing the back of the ribbon, so I just stuck the nozzle of my Glossy Accents bottle under the mid part of the knot and gave a generous squeeze. It wasn't drying as fast as I wanted so I used my heat gun and made quite a few passes over it back and forth. In about 45 seconds it was nice as dry.

Before adding the layers to the card base I stamped the "Congrats!" with versamark and then sprinkled with gold embossing powder. Of course, leave it to me to forget to use my cornstarch embossing buddy, there were gold flecks left everywhere when I heat embossed it.
So, I cut another piece of card stock to the proper size and tried again, this time NOT forgetting to use my embossing buddy. I heat embossed it in gold again and I LOVE how it came out. Nice and bright!!

 Here is a side view of the card. As you can see I used square foam pop ups to get Kitty to raise off the card. It looks really cute when holding it. I just used 3 small glue zots to attach the hat.
I put the diploma on the inside of the card along with a "celebrate!" sentiment and a couple of dots of stickles.
 I bought this gold string when I purchased the rest of the stuff from my LSS, but I really wasn't sure what I was going to use it for. I tried to layer it over the ribbon, but it just didn't stand out.

I remember when I got my 2nd college degree in the mail, it was a really nice folder and had silver ribbon around the inside/top of the folder, just like this. So, I thought I'd replicate that. I like how it turned out.

Unfortunately, you can tell from the inside and front of my card, my gold stickles isn't that prominent. I was actually, literally down to the last drops of it when I did the embellishments. So, I just had to deal with what I had. I still think it came out nice.

Well, that's my card for today, I hope you like it! I'm sure my cousin will like it, too!
Come back to see me soon, I'll have more to share.

Keep on Craftin'
~Melisa Marie


  1. Cute! I love Hello Kitty :)

    1. Hi Helen, thanks so much for commenting. :)
      I like hello kitty too, and I will definitely have to buy some more cuts from my LSS and start making some more cards!

      My friend also told me to look for "coloring pages" on google, she uses a lot of those on her cards, free to print and color. great idea!

      thanks for stopping by, come back soon I have more to share. :)

      Keep on Craftin'
      ~Melisa Marie

  2. Replies
    1. Howdy Migdalia,
      Thank you for coming to visit my blog. :)
      I'm glad that you liked my card!

      Have a nice weekend.
      Keep on Craftin'
      ~Melisa Marie


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