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Holiday Sweets...Halloween Sugar Skulls, that is! Also--A Sneak Peek!

Sooooo, as I stated in my last few blog posts, I'm far behind on posting all of the 20, YES, TWENTY Halloween cards I did!!! whewwww, I worked for the last 2 weeks of September and the whole first week of October making these cards so they could get out to the recipients.

Then, I guess because I had made SO many, I sent 2 people the wrong cards, then I realized day before yesterday that 1 person never even got a card sent to her (I'm SO very Sorry, Monique!!!!) and I sent my friend's daughter a different card than planned, and later found her original Monster High themed card, sitting on it's drying rack (I set stickled cards aside to dry, out of reach of my cat, who likes to lick the stickles. LOL). Anyhow, I felt bad and ended up not sending it, and now I guess I have it for 2015, which I'm sure will flyyyyyy by as fast as 2014, has! Sorry, Gracie, but you'll get it soon enough.

So, here are 2 of the Halloween cards I made. The black haired sugar skull went to my baby sister, and the red haired sugar skull went to my friend Emmy. They both loved them!
Here is a sneak peek, click below to see the rest!

This first card is the one I did for my sister.

There is SO much to this card!!! it is REALLY 3d when it's laid on it's back. I had a ton of fun making this card, and coloring it! Though, I recently found a NEW coloring medium that I want to try, Darwent Inktense pencils. they are supposedly wayyyyyy better than prismacolored pencils (which I currently use) and give more color and more depth. To give depth and shading with these prismacolored pencils, takes a LOT of work. it's not just about the pencil pressure, it's also how well one blends the wax from the pencils with the blending stumps and solution. I think I did an "ok" job here, but I think I did a better job on some of my other Halloween cards.

Anyhow, here are the rest of the pics of this card for my sister! I won't give a supply list, because there are TOO many supplies to list, I'll just mention what I can remember, as I go along.

Here are a couple of close ups of the head and face.
On her bow, I used a gem on the little skull, and some red stickles to give a little extra shimmer. I used glossy accents on the teeth of the little orange skull.

For her head, I used a red gem on the cross on her forehead, and then on her eyes, her lips and her "thread holes" on the sides of her mouth, I used some glossy accents to give shine.

 My FAVORITE part of this card is the flowers and the lace/ribbon.

 I used some mini flowers from The Paper Studio, 2 black and the others were white that I just accented with some Colorbox and Stampin' Up! pigment inks.

 The black lace is also from The Paper Studio, it's from one of the ribbon lace scrap packs. I am not sure why they call them "scrap packs" because each strand of lace I got in my pack was at least 12" long! I will definitely be picking up more of these at Michaels, if I ever see them again! that was the first, and only time I've ever seen them there. Probably because everyone buys them up when they see them. LOL
 I wove some "friendship bracelet thread", or known to most people as, embroidery floss,through the lace and then hand stitched it to the cardstock and paper. I smashed it between 2 glue dots on the back of the image and then put a few globs of glossy accents over it. that way, when my sister was handing it around, it didn't get all messed up and come loose. which, btw, she took it to her halloween party and showed her friends, and they all loved it. :)

 On the right side of the card, I used a glitter bat, that I added some red stickles to, so it had sparkly red eyes!
 I used a printable halloween sentiment on top of a diecut spiderweb and added another small bat to it.

This is the card from the side...
 and this is what I put on the inside...I used the Stampin' Up! Four Frames to stamp the lines, I just wiped the ink off the "bird" so I just had the lines. I used the Decorative Label to cut it out, and then cut out some extra cardstock and cut it into pieces and layered it behind there.
I used a little pumpkin medallion that I pulled off the spider web diecut. I had a bunch of those decorative halloween things, I just pulled them all apart to use what I wanted wherever I wanted to use them. LOL no one says you have to leave them together! I'll just consider them "altered card candy"
Here is the 2nd card I sent to my friend Emmy... it's similar to my sisters card, but a little different, by way of colors and layout.

I really enjoyed coloring both of these sugar skull images. coloring is one of my FAVORITE parts of making the cards. I really love putting my time and love into each and every card I make. Though I know I've sent cards to someone who didn't appreciate them, it doesn't deter me from continuing to make cards and sending to those who do!

On this card for Emmy, I tried to get a really deep red hue in some parts of the hair, but instead, I ended up breaking my darn pencil! I was so mad! but, in the end, it was worth it because I think this beauties hair came AWESOME!

 I gave her bow a nice purple tone, and added some purple stickles to it! a girl can never have too much glam! LOL
I used a freebie Halloween printable ticket, and I just printed it onto purple printing paper. I fussy cut it out as well as I could. I layered it onto another diecut from the Halloween diecut scrapbook decorations, I can't for the life of me remember the brand, but I bought it at Michael's.

 I used some more of those mini Flowers from The Paper Studio, and this time I used some black, purple and white ones. I used some colorbox cats eye chalk ink to ink the bright blue on the white roses. I love how it turned out!!

Here is a close up of the flowers. Oh yeah, and I used glossy accents on her eyes, lips and the mouth stitch holes.
I also REALLY love the background paper, but I can't remember where I got it! I *thought* it was from My Graphico, but I guess not, because I can't even find my file for it. I have over 30 halloween printable files. LOL If I find it later, I'll update this!

For the ribbon, I did the same thing as on my sisters card, I used more of the lace from The Paper Studio ribbon and lace scrap pack. I used the grey and black this time, and wove the blue embroidery gloss through the top and then attached it all with the purple embroidery floss.
I layered this all on top of some sparkly green ribbon that my mom gave me.

 Here are a few side views and view of the card on it's back. I really love all the dimension to the card!

 For the inside, I used a purple silk flower and some more of that green sparkly ribbon to make a small medallion ribbon. I used that "boo" that I tore off another of those halloween diecuts! I just LOVE how cute it is!

Well, that's 2 of my Halloween Cards, I hope that you liked them! I really had  LOT of fun making them!!

Here is a sneak peek at ALLLLLL the cards I made! so be sure to check back periodically, because over the next few days before Christmas, I'll be updating my blog with all my halloween stuff (yep, all 20 cards! LOL) so that I can get them all posted and make time for posting my christmas cards I just finished making. they came out AWESOMEEEEE and I can't wait to share with you all!!

Keep on Craftin'
~Melisa Marie

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