Sunday, February 27, 2011

New blog setup... AND AN AWARD!!

So, I've been working VERY hard on getting my blog all setup to look cute, pretty, whatever you consider it to be.
And, to my surprise my bff sis, Leslie over at Leslie Krochta's Creation gave me a Stylish Blogger Award! WOO HOO!! Of course, since my blog is new, this is my first blog award, and how nice that it's for being "stylish"!

My First Blog Award!

So, thank you Leslie for this nice award, I appreciate it very much. :)

Now, when I received this award I was told there were a few things I had to do, so here goes...

1) thank the person who gave this award to me and link it back to their blog (CHECK--SEE ABOVE and LAST comments at end of this post)
2) share 8 things about myself (CHECK--SEE BELOW)
3) pass this award to 8 other individuals that I have recently discovered (CHECK--SEE BELOW)
4) leave a comment so that they can pass along the recognition! (WILL DO!)

Ok, so for the 8 things I have to share about myself. This is going to be hard to break everything down to just EIGHT things! My plan was to make a whole new blog post this weekend and share a lot of different things about myself but I guess you're all going to get a very earlier preview! LOL ;)

1. I'm Married to a WONDERFUL, supportive, loving guy and we've been together for almost 15 years!

2. We don't have any children, but we do have "fur babies", our 3 dogs and 3 cats.

3. I love to collect anything to do with fairies, geisha's, cute piggies and Disney Movies!

4. I was born in California, moved to Lost Wages, uhm, I mean Las Vegas when I was 14, and I moved here to the sticks, uhm, I mean Kentucky 8 years ago. We have recently decided that we are going to work very hard to move back to Vegas, hopefully within the next year!

5. There are no specific brands of scrapbooking/paper crafting items that I like "the most". I like to use a wide range of brands, colors and textures when creating. The sky is the limit so why should I be limited to just one brand? ;)

6. one of my favorite things to do when I'm not crafting is to play on Pogo. My screen name there is friskerbizkit and my favorite games to play are Jungle Gin, Canasta and Dominoes!

7. I make my own glimmer mist and glitter mist (several different colors and different types) and I also make several different types of handmade flowers.

8. I have recently discovered, and fell in love with SKYPE (Thanks Laurie and Leslie!!)

Alrighty then, now that I've completed that task (which took me about 30 minutes to just sit there and think of 8 things about me... I just couldn't decide what 8 things I should say!) I am passing this award on to 8 of my blogging friends! I'm pretty sure we aren't supposed to give it back to the person that gave it to us, so I'll start with my next very bestest craftin' friend!!

1. Laurie. Her blog can be found HERE. She has some AWESOME techniques for vintage looking altered items and creates really cute cards too!

2. Jessica is over at Club Anya. She and her design team make some ADORABLE stamps and she is always having some sort of challenge going on. I don't know her personally, I've just been reading her blog for a while now (even BEFORE I had my own blog!) I'm sad to say, I have not yet been able to purchase any of her stamps, being on the extremely limited income I'm on, it just isn't possible for me to do that :(

3. Barb and her team are over at Haunted Design House. If you're into creativity AND Macabre, then this is surely the blog for you to follow! with weekly challenges and lots of creative ideas all related to Macabre and Horror this is the most unique blog I've ever stumbled upon.
4. Anna over at Scrappenings has the most awesome craft space and I am so very jealous and envious of her! She is very creative and makes some really cute cards. She just recently started her blog, but I've seen a lot of her creations in the scrapbooking group we are in together. She does a great job and I'm sure if you ask her for some tips on how to organize your scrap room, she'll be more than happy to throw some out there ;)
5. Diane, My Stampin' Up rep and friend is over here at Stampin With Diane. I really love her creations, she makes some very beautiful cards! she is a crafting club, uhm, a card club? I don't really remember, but somewhere that she goes just about every week to create with her crafting friends. I wish I could join them!! I hope she will start posting more to her blog (HINT HINT DIANE!)

6. Allie, my scrapbook group friend has a well trained blog over at well trained paper. She always has something really cool in the works and she makes lots of cute cards too! She has a great personality and can be very funny in her posts.
7. Janice is not someone that I know personally either, but I have come to be VERY ADDICTED to her blog, just as much as I'm addicted to my cricut! I guess it's only fitting that her blog is cricutology! Janice makes some amazingly awesome handcrafted items and she also makes a LOT of you tube tutorials, 64 to be exact (at this moment) and you can find her you tube page ~HERE~
NOTICE: If you go to her blog, make sure your SPEAKERS ARE TURNED DOWN because she has a radio player on her blog, alllllll the way at the bottom of the page! Don't be like me and scare yourself half to death everyday because you forget that she has a music player on there alllllll the way at the bottom of the page, LOL)
8. Last but not least (I hope you didn't think I was forgetting about you!!) is Holley! She's over at her own named blog Holley's blog. Holley is an amazing person! She just completed a ONE MONTH blog candy giveaway, with new blog candy give away's every few days. Holley recently had a major operation and came through it with flying colors! I'm very glad that her doctors were able to help her and she didn't lose any part of herself afterwards (at least as far as I know, since I don't know her in person). She makes some really cute cards with some great sentiments on them.

Well, there are my 8 craftin' friends that I think deserve this award. Now, I have to go let them know that I've chosen them as a recipient of this award :) man, how am I going to get around to all of them? I know I'm going to go to one blog and get sucked into reading, go onto the next and the same thing, and so on. lol ugh, too many blogs NOT enough time!
Well, this has been fun, and again, I have to thank my good friend Leslie. Be sure to check out her blog, she makes the beautiful cards, especially with her tilda's!! I mean, what else is she going to do when it's 5 degrees and she is BURIED IN SNOW? bwwhahahahahahahahah!!! see what I just did there Leslie? ;)

~keep on craftin'


  1. Ugh!!!! Does anyone know how to get blogger to KEEP my formatting? when posting in my post box, it shows where I have separated things that I have numbered, but I when I post them, they are all crammed together. Even if I go in and edit the post to move things down, when it reposts they are all still crammed together. HELP!!!!!!!!

  2. That's very cool Melisa...thanks for the award!!

  3. Thank you Melissa! It was so sweet how you wrote something heartfelt about each person. Yu o made me feel so special. I also moved my music player to the top. Lol!!! So funny!!!! My husband agreed with your message by the way. You are not the first person who commented on my loud music. I chuckled...heee heee heee. Thanks again! You are so kind and sweet!

  4. Thanks, Melissa! I'll be sure let the Macabre Minions know about the award, and hopefully post about it this week or next :) I'm so happy you found HDH and look forward to your challenge entries ;)

  5. Big hugs Melissa!! Thanks so much for including me. Very humbling to be in such good company.

    Cheers, Holley

  6. Hey Woman! Thank you for the lovely shout-out! You should see my craft room now--it's a completely disaster, LOL! I should post some pics as proof that I actually do have a creative/messy side! Love your new blog Darlin', very cute. I've got a surprise coming for ya in the mail, it's just taking me a bit to get it together, so be patient with me. Love ya! hugs, Anna

  7. @ Diane, you're very welcome. You deserve it! :)

    @ Janice (the cricutologist), I thought I'd go a step further. I've seen these blog awards being given all over the place and I've yet to see anyone actually say anything about the person they are giving the award to. I figure maybe if I say something about the people I'm giving it to, then more of my people will want to go over and become your people too. haha!
    Ohhh and the music player, LOL!! How funny. I can't believe that I always forget to go all the way to the bottom. Hubby said he was going to unplug my speakers when I was sleeping one day that way I don't scare him too! lol (our computers are right next to each other). I do appreciate you moving the music player! It's the loudness that freaked me out every time, it was just the fact I always forgot it was there, and it takes a minute to load so you don't remember right off. if you don't want it at the very top, you can move your widgets to the side bars on either side too. :)

    @Barb, I can't do an entry "right now" but I do have something in the works that I hope will qualify for one of your weekly challenges at some point. I know you change the challenges up a bit, so who knows! Ya'll are doing such great work over there, it's no wonder you don't have more blog awards!! ;)

    @ Holley, you are very welcome! You are so active on your blog, and creative too. I couldn't pass you up!

    @ Anna, yes, you should post pics! We are all sitting here thinking how perfect you are, in every way. LOL it would be nice to see a little messy side of you! I don't expect anything from you, at all! But thank you so much :) If you need help re-arranging your craft room, I'll gladly come help! we can give each other alcohol ink tattoos when we are taking a break. hehe ;)


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