Tuesday, April 12, 2011

Birthday Card for Ma...

Howdy my friendly followers... It is 6:08 AM (Ok, it's 6:49 as I'm finishing typing this up... I got distracted and got up from my puter, lol) here, VERY windy outside, raining, cold and I have been up for 29 hours straight now! :( I think I'm in a manic phase. it's like I'm very hyper, but at the same time, my brain is in a MAJOR fog! but, being like this means I get a LOT done! In the last 2 days, I've made 3 cards and done a TON of stamping for stamped images for friends. I am going to the post office later today to mail stuff out, and I know they will all like them.

ANYHOW, lets get to the card!!!!!
Anyhow, this is a birthday card for my Ma, yes, sometimes I call her mother, but most of the time I call her 'Ma'. My Ma will be 51 this year. She had me when she was 18, I will be 33 this year!

First, I have to say Thank you to my friend ~Donna~ for providing me with the free image that I used to make this card. It was a "coloring page" and just put it in my photo program and resized it because it was HUGE. Then, I put it into word and made it the size i wanted for printing!! It is just too adorable!!

Ok, so here is the paper selection.I do not know the name of the company for the diagonally stripped paper, sorry!! The 2nd piece is pearlescent paper from Colorbok and the 3rd piece is textured cardstock from colorbok, coordinating color with the pearlescent paper. ;) Again, I ALWAYS select my paper FIRST when making a card, so that I know what colors to use when i color my images. I would hate to color an image and find out I don't have any paper to match the colors used! So, there is a hint if you're a beginner in card making. :)

 This is the choppy colored image before I blended the colors. You can see the difference between light and dark colors, that is how I do the blending. Work from the outer edges in, blending works best.

This is the image completely colored. As you can see, there is a lot of blended areas, Darker highlights and tons in some areas. For some reason, her hair didn't let me blend it as well as I wanted to... there should be some darker areas than others, but that is ok. it still turned out beautiful!! :)
 this is the image matted. I inked the edges with colorbox pigment stacked ink pad and then matted it on pearlescent paper.

 This is the image and the sentiment "Have a 'berry' Sweet Day!" I just love it!

And.... here is the final card!! I used a corner edger punch to round ALL of the corners; sentiment, image, and card base. On her crown, she has clear rhinestones and one pink one in the middle. it was a pink square, I just rotated it a bit to make it look like a diamond! VERY NICE!! I used glossy accents on all of the flower centers, on the lady bug, on the bows on her shoes and on her eyes. It is on there, just VERY hard to tell from the pictures!! I used true blue stickles on all the stars and I used glam pink stickles on her dress where the pleats are.

 A little bit of ribbon, cut to size to fit across the card, some brads for the sentiment. The image and sentiment are RAISED off the card base with pop up glue dots. it looks very nice  :) the gems are Prima  from the Mornings739 collection I used 1 large, 2 medium and 2 small. I think it turned out nice... Thanks to my bff sis ~Leslie~ for the suggestions because I was going NUTS with nothing on the card, this really added a nice touch!! :)

 Well, that is my card! I hope you liked it. :) I think it turned out beautiful and I even told Leslie that I liked it so much I was going to be greedy and not give it away. I swear, I should make 2 of every single card that I like enough to keep, so that i get one of them for my album. but, i figure why do that and waste paper, just be nice and stop being so greedy. lol ;)

Anyhow, how about a little chit chat??

We all grow up so fast, and with aging parents, it makes me wonder how they will be when they get older. Will they have to live in a retirement home or will we need to buy another house, big enough to have parents live with us either in the basement or in a mother-in-laws quarters (thats what it's called here, it's basically just an attached or detached living area). Taking care of aging parents is a BIG deal. of course we don't wanna just put them in a home and leave them there. but, things need to be discussed early, so that everyone knows what the plan of action is so that they can start planning ahead for what needs to be done! Also, everyone should have all 3 things, a living will, a power of attorney, and a health care directive. These things are VERY important, and the signer should have one, and ALL children should have a legally notarized copy as well (all children should have copy in case one of them loses it, or it gets ruined some how, or in case one child passes away).

Thanks for stopping by! Hope you liked what you saw here today. Tell your friends about my blog, please! :)

Keep on scrappin' and please, be kind to one another!
~Melisa Marie

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  1. Melissa,

    Beautiful card. Saw your post on yahoo group - Friends that Scrap and wanted to look it up.

    Cindy D


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