Sunday, April 17, 2011

just a small update, and Looking for something...

Hi friendly followers... it has been a very crazy past two weeks...

I'm going through a lot of issues with my health as a result of my car accident in february.  I went in for the results of my ct scan and my mri and things aren't good. Before the accident I already had one disc in my lower left back bulging. Now, as a result of the accident that disc is completely protruding as well as the two discs being slipped out to the left directly above that one. The lower disc when it was knocked out further ended up severing one of my nerves, which is why I don't have any feeling in my right leg from my knee down. As far as my neck I have one slipped disc and a pinched nerve, which also does nothing to help with migraines, except for making them worse!

So the final verdict is that I need back surgery to remove the 3 discs and put in cadaver discs and a spinal cage. I am not at all too happy about this because hubby has had this done and he has nothing but major back problems. He has had 15+ back surgeries, and with each one he has things just get worse. He was just recently told he needs another one and is going for the final consultation on the 9th of may.

So anyhow, my dr. ended up wanting me to do some spinal injections as well as some nerve block injections, none of which I was all too happy to hear about.  basically just to see if they would help at all with the pain in between the time before having to have surgery. I had 2 spinal injections last week and I've been in severe pain ever since then. Having a massive migraine on top of the back pain isn't any fun so I've just been trying to relax and rest as much as possible.

I've been getting up moving around as little as possible because it seems that the more I move around the worse my headache gets. I know I've probably been very grumpy and not very talkative, but i'm just in a lot of pain and in a really bad mood and mad at the girl that hit me.
Because she didn't have insurance, we ended up doing a contract to settle out of court and she signed an agreement to pay me a certain amoutn of money (to total the blue book value of my vehicle) that she would pay me a certain amount a month. Well so far, for the last 3 months she has screwed around and not made her payments in the full amount or on time. I have the option to take her to court and get a settlement against her, BUT that is something I have to pay for because it's a civil matter and my lawyer won't take the case (and I can't find a lawyer that will). it's just a real pain and very upsetting that this girl has caused all these issues and she is out screwing around and not living up to her obligation. Hubby and I talked about it and if she doesn't pay me on time in full next month, I'm filing with the court and then she will either pay or go to jail. I can't worry about her anymore, I have to worry about my own health and stressing over her doesn't help at all!

well while I've been laying around, I've been coloring some images to make some cards, soon I hope!

Does anyone know where to get any digi images (or stamped images) that are for "boys"? for older boys, not little toddlers or anything like that. I have a couple, but not really enough, and could use some.
You can either reply here or e-mail me

Hope everyone is well.
~Melisa Marie

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