Monday, October 24, 2011

Speaking of Sticks!

So, I know, I've been making a lot of "stick" stuff lately, LOL Well, recently I also created some "altered paint sticks" for a swap that I did. I had to make 3 sticks for my partners (just 3 sticks, 1 for each partner) and the sticks had to be the same for each partner. My sticks came out nice!

So, here are the sticks that I created!
I took pics for every single step along the way, so that I can post them later, for those that would like to try to make their own sticks...

Now, these sticks are FREE... you can go to any lowe's, home depot or walmart and ask for some sticks. I know that my walmart and lowe's gives 6 away each asking, WITHOUT a paint purchase. If you need more than 6 sticks, have someone else go with you and go to the counter too and ask. :)

Here are my finished sticks...

As you can see, the 1st stick at the top has zots under the sheer ribbon fabric. Well, that was the first stick I made and I ended up NOT liking the fact that I could see the zots through the fabric ribbon. So, I went on and covered the tops of the sticks in clear tacky glue, and then put the fabric ribbon on. it turned out nice because it actually made the ribbon a little darker and gave it more contrast!

I added some stickles around the tops of each section, added a bow from prima sheer ribbon that I tied all the way around the stick, a gem in the middle and a crocheted flower with a recollections gem brad (Thanks to my BFF Leslie for the mini crocheted flowers!)
The poem sentiments I received from a friend. I inked the edges with my colorbox catseye queue stacks and added some gems by adhering them with glossy accents for a super strong hold. I attached the sentiments with zots.

You can't really tell cause of my crappy lighting, but, on the circled in the middle of the deco cardstock, I used diamond stickles. I was going to use stardust, but the diamond has an orange hue to it, so it matched better.

On the backs of the sticks I added some pink bead wire so they can be hung by a tack or a nail... I also added my signature, what swap they were for and my blog addy on them (not shown in pic)

Well, I hope that you like the pain sticks I created! They are super easy and if you'd like a tutorial, please let me know. I have step by step pics of what to do, and the best way to wrap the paper! :)

Keep on Scrappin' and please, be kind to one another!
~Melisa Marie

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