Friday, October 14, 2011

Stickin' it to ya!!

LOL, how do you like my title line? This post is about holiday beaded stick pins that I created for a swap!

I had SO much fun doing this swap. this is the first time I have ever created stick pins, and I'm so addicted to it that I ended up making myself about 40 more just to have around.
Anyhow, here are the pics of the ones I made for a swap. The theme of the stick pins was "holidays". I picked Halloween, Valentines day and 4th of July (well, I should say I got "stuck" with 4th of july cause it was the only one left. I really wanted christmas!!!

Here are the pics of the Halloween stick pins I made. I hope you like them.
This is a pic of all the stick pins of this holiday group. Below this pic you'll find close up pics of these pins that are more detailed. There are actually 3 of each type of pin because each of my 6 partners gets 3 pins from each holiday group.


Here are the valentines stick pins I did. there are 2 sets, a set I did for the swap and a set I did to keep for myself.

Below are 2 pics of the set I did for the swap. I colored the tips of some of them with one of the three copic markers I have (LOL, yes, just 3) and then left some of the tips pearl white as they originally came. The colored tips were colored with R39 (Garnet). I used silver dot spacers, white glass beads, pink glass beads, multicolored round glass beads, pink bicone beads and glass pink pearl beads.

Here are the beaded pins I made that I'm keeping for myself.

These are the halloween set I made.

Aren't they neat?

 I like these soooo much!!

So, what do you think?? For the tips, they were originally white pearl tips, but I colored them with one of the three copic markers i have. LOL the tips were colored with E59 (Walnut). I think it gives a nice touch as opposed to them being a white pearl. Halloween is in fall and fall is all about browns and oranges, so this fit well! I used silver spacer beads, crystal bi-cone beads, orange glass beads and silver glass beads. to hold the beads on I used a single dab of hot glue and twisted my finger around it to give it a flatter look so you couldn't really see the glue.

And finally, here are the 4th of july pins that I did. Even though I didn't originally want this group, I'm ok with the fact that I got it because my pins did turn out very nice. :)

I left all of the tips of this holiday themed set white. I though it would look nice. I used plastic glittered star beads, and then red, white and blue round plastic crystal beads. simple as that. took me 5 minutes to make this whole set that includes adding the beads and doing the gluing. :)

Well thanks for stopping by and looking, I hope you enjoyed viewing my creations!
Keep on Scrappin' and please, be kind to one another!
~Melisa Marie

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