Tuesday, January 3, 2012

Lollipops? YES PLEASE! Flowers? YES PLEASE!! Home Made Glimmer Mist? YES PLEASE!

Howdy there! yes, I was quite busy creating in the end of 2011; however, I was quite too busy to actually update my blog. LOL You all know how that goes, I'm sure!

So, one of my friends, Annette, she is in one of the scrapbooking groups I'm in. She had saw some pics of the lollipop flowers I have made in the past and she really liked them. We ended up doing a personal swap, she sent me some paper and ribbon and I made her a TON of lollipop flowers.

Here is a sneak peak, click the link to see the rest! :)

So, I think I made her somewhere around 50 or so of these, I don't exactly remember. but here shows the beginning stages and if you look at the other pic, over on the right you can see the stacks of circles I had cut to do these. LOL

Here is just some beginning stages. I was going to do some of them with assorted colors per each flower, but I decided not to do that, instead I just used mini brads to hold them together and I didn't use any adhesive between each layer like I normally do, that way she could easily take them apart and mix and match the colors however she wanted to match whatever project she was working on. :)

Here if you look to the right you can see the large stacks of different sized circles I was using. I cut them with my sizzix circle die in my big kick.

All of the colored cardstock used to make these lollipop flowers was bazzill, and the white cardstock was textured white cardstock from the cardstock pads that walmart sells. Unfortunately, I used the last of my white cardstock from those pads to do these for her, and my walmart NO LONGER sells ANY scrapbooking items :( So, I'm pretty much screwed on getting more cheap, but REALLY good quality textured cardstock from them. But I don't mind, I was able to make someone happy!

We are getting a hobby lobby here in my dinky, podunk, backwoods town the end of this month, and I'm SUPER happy about that!!! If I were able to work, I'd apply there and tell them, I don't need a check, just pay me in merchandise. LOL  I'd have my whole check spent on credit before I even got it. lol

Well anyhow, here are the 2 pics of just SOME of the flowers I sent her. I totally forgot to take a pic of all of them before I boxed them up and sent them to her, so I asked her to take pics of them and send them to me, and she did! :)

Yay me!!! that is a LOT of lollipop flowers :) I inked the edges with my colorbox cats eye queue stacks, I swear these things were MADE specifically to match the bazzill cardstock colors. LOL there wasn't one sheet of cardstock that didn't have a perfectly matching color of ink! On some of them I used tattered angels glimmer mist, but on the majority of them I used my own HOME MADE glimmer mist! I find that I like my home made glimmer mist MUCH better than the name brand. there are 3 different types of home made glimmer mist that I make, I make one type using metallic paints and water, I make another type using glittered paints and water, and another type using pearl ex, water and gum arabic. I have found that all of these types are MUCH more shimmery than the name brand and i can make custom colors AND I end up getting more for the $ I spend to MAKE it than buying the already made name brand. :)

Well I hope you liked looking!
Keep on Scrappin' and please, be kind to one another!
~Melisa Marie

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