Tuesday, January 3, 2012

Snowman Holiday Cards!

So, this year, my plan was to hand make ALL of the holiday cards that I was going to send to friends and family. I had all of my assorted stamped images stamped, cut and colored so all I needed to do was cut the deco paper/cs and the background papers and then put them all together with whatever embellishments I was going to use.

I ended up getting a custom order from the same friend that always orders cards from me (see my previous custom order card posts). So, I had to make her a "set" of 14 cards, all the same layout design and stamped image but different background papers. I ended up using half of MY snowman colored images that i was going to use on my own cards, LOL. but that is ok!

Here is a sneak peek, click the link below the image to see the rest! :)

So, I used the Penny Black Warm and Cold Snowman. I colored it with Tsukinek Archival Fabrico markers (yes, the fabric markers!! ALL 3 of my copics decided to dry up on me all at the same time!! LOL these fabric markers are AMAZING!!! but I ended up getting ALL of the sets of zig brushables to replace the few copics I had, I've always loved zig brushables anyways!)

i used star dust stickles to outline the snow and all the snowflakes. The large glittered snowflakes are actually just generic chipboard confetti that I got in the christmas isle at walmart. it was 98 cents a bag for about 30 assorted sized pieces of white and blue in one package and red and white in the other package. i bought about 4 or 5 of each package. the hard part was getting them to stick together!! I ended up having to run the smaller ones through my mini X xyron and then attach them to the bigger one, and then use a zot for the larger one to attach to the ribbon on the paper.

the ribbon I used was purchased for 1.27 from the christmas isle at walmart too, it was the kind of ribbon that had the wire in it, I just pulled the wire out. :)

Here are the other cards I made... they are just stacked on each other, but you get the idea, they all look like this, same colored and stickled image, just different background paper and assorted ribbons and rick rack on different cards. :)

When I went to Office Depot they had these CUTE packages of envelope seals. they came with like 50 to a pack or something like that, with 3 different designs. So I gave her a sheet of those she could seal the included envies with. :)

there are snowmen, peace on earth and christmas trees. :)

Well, I hope you like. these cards were made to her specification request of design and layout and she said everyone who received one was very delighted :)

Thanks for looking!!
Keep on Scrappin' and please, be kind to one another!
~Melisa Marie

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  1. Hi, Anymore!

    I love it the snowman. He looks like he want HUGS. Great job!


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