Friday, August 17, 2012

My take on a 21'st Bday card!

I meant to post this card here on my blog earlier, but I just got home from the hospital yesterday, so that wasn't a posibility. long story short, lots of GI (gastrointestinal) issues and just a fun time. was in since monday and I'm bruised up and beaten up after a few surgical procedures. very tired and worn down, both physically and mentally!!!! but I wanted to make sure to get this card up here! it's too damn cute NOT to share it :)
My younger, but much bigger than me, brother just turned 21!! I wanted to make him a quick and simple card... Hubby urged me to just "buy" him one, but I just couldn't bring myself to do it! He never calls me and thanks me for the cards and I'm pretty sure they just get thrown in the trash. but I don't live with him so who knows. :-/

I wanted to do something 'cute' but not to childish, but still kinda cool and flashy. I like the how the overall card turned out, but I don't like that it turned out so child-like. eh, I can't win 'em all, it did turn out cute and actually a little better than I planned. :)

Here's a sneak peak. clicky click below to see the rest!

So, I guess you were interested.... let me first start by saying, NO, I didn't violate about a dozen laws by photo copying money! I did actually use REAL money on this card. LOL I went to the bank and got a crisp, new $2 bill and a crisp new $1 bill. :)

For the top layer, I used the paper source 'shimmer sapphire' cardstock. I embossed it with my cuttlebug happy birthday embossing folder and then I inked up my brayer with colorbox silver inkpad and went to town over the raised embossed top! I love how it turned out. you honestly can't see the super shimmer on the pic, but in real life it's just aweeeeeeee-someeeeeeeee!!!!! :)
 I used a small strip of glue runner on the inner edge of each one and then rolled it around a fabrico marker (PERFECT size!!).  after I rolled them, I took a piece of orange a white stripped bakers twine, I rolled a glue dot around it (to make all sides sticky) and then I stuck another glue dot to it and then stuck it inside leaving part of it sticking out up top. I pressed it down pretty good with my tweezers so I know they aren't going anywhere. LOL I really "should" have put it in between 2 layers of the rolls, but I was so tired and just wasn't thinking. this gives the illusion of a candle. :)
for the sentiment I used the WM Inkadinkado "make a wish" stamp. I stamped it in Stampin' Up! Craft black ink and then heat set it dry with my heat embossing gun (all "craft" ink needs to be heat set). because i was using Bazzill textured cardstock, I actually had to stamp it a few times (using my stamp-a-ma-jig) to get the image crisp without the blank spaces from the cardstock texture. it was a pain, LOL but I got 'er done!!!

 here are a few pics of the card on it's back. as you can see it's flat except for the candle rolls and the ribbon.

 from the bottom...
 from the right side...
 from the top...

when taking the photos, I realized that I did forget to glue run the inner part of the bill, so when I finished, it kinda unrolled on the inside underneath the first layer that I used the glue runner with! LOL but it still looks ok from the front, as you've seen from the pics above.

here is the inside:
I stamped the balloon from the Inkadinkado clear set birthday sentiments and stamped with Stampin' Up! ink. the cupcake and sentiment is from Studio G WM stamp. I colored the cupcake with my zig brushables. :)

I hope you've enjoyed looking at my card! it was fun to make! :)
Keep on Craftin' and please, be kind to one another!!!
~Melisa Marie


  1. You definition of 'quick and simple is bizarre...
    That's really great for a 'simple' BDay card...
    Good job!
    I hope you are felling better, darling. *smooooches*

  2. LOL, well, it did only take me about 20 minutes to make this. so that isn't too bad for me. :) it would have taken less time (about 10 mins) but I wanted to make sure that the silver ink I ran over the top embossed part was completely dry!

    I'm glad that you like it love bug.
    *beijos* (I just LOVE saying that it's like my new fav word now, haha).

    I'm feeling a little better, still pretty beat up and rough, but I'm getting there! TY honey.


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